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Litigation Funding Makes the Difference

Scenario 1:
Michael was seriously injured in an auto accident and filed a lawsuit against the negligent driver. His injuries left him unable to return to work, but he savings to tap into to pay the bills. Unfortunately, the money ran out within six months. Unable to obtain a bank loan, he felt forced to settle for less than he deserved in order to maintain his credit and keep his home.

Scenario 2:
James was seriously injured in an auto accident and filed a lawsuit against the negligent driver. He had no savings and could not qualify for a bank loan. Instead, James applied for litigation funding to help pay the bills. When the case was delayed, James was able to apply for, and receive, an additional cash advance. At no time did he jeopardize his credit standing. When the case eventually settled, James paid back the cash advance from the proceeds of his case; his credit remained intact.

Too often, financial pressures lead plaintiffs to settle before considering the repercussions of ongoing medical expenses and other expenses directly related to the accident. They lose their one shot to obtain full and fair compensation. While litigation funding is not for everyone, it can make a difference for plaintiffs who are not in a financial position to wait until a settlement is reached.

If unpaid bills are mounting while your lawsuit drags on and on, there is a solution. Contact Litigation Funding Corp. Thousands of people have used our services and are glad they did. There are no costs associated with a litigation funding application. You do not have to make any monthly payments or pay any upfront fees. The cash advance is only repaid when the case successfully settles; if you have the misfortune of losing your case, repayment is excused. These lawsuit cash advances are completely contingent on the outcome of your case. To apply simply complete an online application or call our office toll-free. We make the impossible, possible!

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Litigation Funding