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Prominent Surgeon Facing Medical Negligence Lawsuit

A victim of medical negligence has the right to seek legal remedy and just compensation. For those without adequate financial support during this time, pre-settlement lawsuit funding can be a viable solution.

According to a recent medical malpractice suit, a 72-year-old man underwent surgery to repair an ascending aortic aneurysm, but the cardiac surgeon’s negligence has left the man bedridden in a vegetative state. The suit alleges that the prominent surgeon left the operating room before the patient was stabilized and instructed a physician’s assistant to close the patient’s chest. The patient quickly took a turn for the worse; his heart stopped beating as oxygen and blood rapidly escaped his body. An investigation revealed that the physician’s assistant was not qualified to complete the procedure. Additionally, the surgeon’s decision to leave the operating room before the patient was in stable condition violated hospital policies. The family seeks damages for past and future medical bills, around the clock medical and personal care via nursing home, pain, suffering, mental anguish, limitations on future life activities, and damage to the marriage.

Litigation of medical malpractice cases may take years before a settlement can be reached, time many plaintiffs don’t have. Legal funding companies can help in lessening the financial burden for plaintiffs with a lawsuit cash advance. It’s fast, free and easy to apply. There are no credit checks, no income or employment requirements, and no monthly payments. Funding approval is based on the merits of the case and absolutely nothing is paid until the case is settled. If the plaintiff loses or the case does not settled, nothing is owed. That’s because the funding company assumes all the risks.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured due to medical negligence, let us help you leverage your expected lawsuit settlement with pre-settlement funding. The quickest way to apply is by completing our online application.

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