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Twelve Surgeries Later, Patient’s Leg Amputated Because of Ankle Broken 10 Years Ago

April 30, 2014

A broken ankle that occurred 10 years ago led to the amputation of a man’s leg.

In what may be one of the largest jury awards of its kind, a New York man was handed $9.1 million for his medical malpractice lawsuit against his former doctor. The story in this case is that Donald Schultz once held a job as a public safety dispatcher. He broke his ankle 10 years ago while at work, which led to bizarre complications and the loss of a leg.
Schultz’s award included $350,000 to his ex-wife for loss of services, $4 million for future pain and suffering, $2.8 million for past, current and future medical expenses and loss of wages, and $2 million for past pain and suffering.

In 2004, Schultz was on his way to his job and fell on some steps, breaking his ankle. He was initially treated at an orthopedic surgeon’s office. This individual and his surgical group were found not liable in this case. The plaintiff did not remain with the first doctor and began seeing another physician in 2005 about concerns with pain he experienced near the little toe of his injured foot/ankle. It turned out he had a rare nerve disorder arising from the fractured ankle.

The second doctor began a series of what would be 21 different surgeries. The first operation was on his little toe. It was subsequently amputated. Schultz’s amputation site developed an infection. This led to the amputation of his fourth toe, but the pain remained, unabated. His leg was then amputated below the knee in 2009. Another surgeon eventually amputated the rest of his appendage. Twelve surgeries later, Mr. Schultz had one leg left and he was not able to work after 2009.

Mr. Schultz may have been able to keep up with his spiraling medical bills by applying for pre-settlement funding from a litigation funding company. He would only have needed to fill out an application online or call the lawsuit loan company and provide them with the name of his lawyer and the details of his case.

Once he’d received approval, the funds would have been deposited into his account, allowing him to meet his ongoing expenses while waiting for a trial verdict. By applying for an emergency lawsuit loan, he would also be able to turn down any offers made by an insurance company to settle for less than what he would likely be entitled to in court trial. Plaintiffs applying for pre-settlement funding do not need to have a job; they are not put through credit checks and do not pay any funds up front, or monthly, for applying for litigation funding.

Litigation Funding Makes it Possible to Fight for Your Rights – No Matter How Long it Takes

April 29, 2014

Often times, those who are seriously injured in an auto accident caused by the negligence of another person are unable to work, but the bills keep coming in. Couple the lost income with substantial medical expenses and the result can be financially devastating. When paying the bills becomes difficult, litigation funding can be a fast and immediate solution.

Litigation funding is NOT a loan, but rather a cash advance designed to help plaintiffs meet their monthly obligations so they can fight aggressively to win their lawsuit and receive full compensation. Plaintiffs simply complete an online application or call our office. Once the application is received, we will contact your attorney for case documentation. The process is quick because there is no need for a credit check or employment verification; funding is based on the details and strength of the case, nothing more. If approved, plaintiffs can immediately pay medical expenses, household bills, mortgage payments, auto payments, or any outstanding expenses. There is no application fee or no monthly payments that would cause a larger financial burden. The plaintiff is only required to make one payment and that is when the case settles. At that time, repayment will be made from the proceeds of the case. Another comforting aspect of litigation funding is that should the plaintiff lose, the repayment is completely waived.

Will your money hold up until you can reach victory? If you or a family member has been injured because of someone else’s negligence and you fear financial disaster, talk to your attorney about the benefits of litigation funding. Those who have caused your injuries should be held fully accountable, and you should not have to settle with insurance companies for far less than you are entitled. In order to apply for litigation funding, you must be the victim in a personal injury lawsuit, you must also have hired your attorney, and you must have a case with merit. Once the financial pressure is off, you can focus your attention on healing from injuries while your attorney focuses on obtaining the maximum compensation you deserve.

You can learn more about the benefits of litigation funding online or by giving us a call. We have helped thousands of people stay on track in their pursuit of justice and we would be happy to assist you. Settling for less should not be an option.

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Litigation Funding Gives You and Your Family Financial Comfort

April 24, 2014

Being involved in a lawsuit is often an overwhelming and stressful process, both emotionally and financially. It is possible to wait months, even years before the case is fully resolved. The last thing a plaintiff wants to do is worry about medical bills, lost wages from missed work, and daily living expenses. When all resources have been tapped, but the bills are still unpaid, litigation funding can provide financial comfort between when an attorney files the case and a settlement is reached.

Many victims do not follow through with a claim because they do not have the finances withstand a long legal process. Litigation funding can change that as it gives a victim time, financial comfort, and – nothing to lose. Funding can be approved in as little as twenty-four to forty-eight hours, and there is nothing to lose because the cash advance is only repaid once the case settles. It is important to note that litigation funding is not a loan; there is no need to put up assets as collateral and bad credit does not hurt the chances of funding approval. The only factor considered is the strength of the lawsuit.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by mounting medical bills and other expenses while in the midst of a lawsuit, consider litigation funding. Simply complete our online contact form or call our office to apply. If approved, the cash advance can be used for anything – paying the mortgage/rent, auto payments, child care, tuition, medical expenses, groceries, utility bills, and more.

Unsure if litigation funding is right for your case? Call a legal funding professional today. You could be on the road to financial freedom tomorrow.

Brain-Injured Boy’s Parents File Personal Injury Lawsuit in Houston

April 16, 2014

A young boy fell through a torn trampoline at a local Houston park, sustaining brain injuries.

Houston teen Max Menchaca was enjoying a day out at a local trampoline park when he fell through a torn canvas in June 2013. He now suffers seizures as a result of sustaining traumatic brain injury after his fall.

The teen’s parents filed a personal injury lawsuit against National Trampoline Entertainment Centers and National Trampoline Entertainment Dallas, II, d/b/a “Cosmic Jump.” The suit requests damages to cover his past, current and future medical expenses, and compensation for his loss of future earnings. The family wanted to file this lawsuit to make a point that trampoline park injuries are on the rise and that, if the parks are not properly maintained, there is the potential for users to face life-altering injuries or death.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were over 94,900 emergency room visits as a result of injuries associated with trampolines. The figures are so alarming that the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly suggests not using a trampoline due to the potential for very serious injuries or death.

Menchaca’s head trauma was the result of falling into an unprotected area under the trampoline platform. The lawsuit states that the injuries were allegedly directly caused by the park negligently permitting dangerous conditions on their premises, and that the park had a duty to warn people and to provide a safe environment. California, Utah, Arizona and Michigan have new rules in place to address this safety concern. Texas does not have such rules.

How would the family pay their son’s medical bills? How would they pay for his rehabilitation or his medications? Their expenses would be enormous. The virtually ideal solution, should it suit their circumstances, would be to fill out an application for litigation funding. Pre-settlement funding is an emergency lawsuit loan, approved for qualified plaintiffs who are working with a lawyer on their case. The funds, once they are approved, are wired directly to a plaintiff’s bank account as fast as possible, which usually means within two days or less.

When funds arrive, most plaintiffs immediately take care of their medical expenses and then keep enough back to stay current on their other financial obligations, such as mortgage payments, student loans or rent. A litigation funding company completely understands the trauma a plaintiff has gone through prior to calling them. All potential applicants are treated with respect and dignity.

Scooter Accident Plaintiffs Can Benefit from Litigation Funding

April 15, 2014

Scooter accidents are often caused by irregularities in roadways, but they may also occur as a result of an automobile. Due to its size, scooter may not be seen in a rear view or side of a vehicle. Driver distractions may also lead to an accident. In any event, scooter accidents can cause life-threatening physical injuries or death that can lead to unforeseeable medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life.

An elderly man riding an electronic scooter has died after being struck by a vehicle exiting a parking lot. The investigation is ongoing, but police do not believe speed and alcohol were contributing factors.

Although this is a difficult time for the victim’s family, if they believe the accident resulted from driver negligence, the family should consult with an attorney who can help preserve their legal rights and obtain a maximum settlement for their loss. While going through the legal process, if the family experiences financial problems, they should consider litigation funding.

Litigation funding is a no-risk cash advance on the expected proceeds of the case. With a lawsuit cash advance, plaintiffs stay financially afloat during the litigation process so they can fight for all the money they deserve. Qualifying is easy! There is no credit check, no employment verification, and no upfront fees. Once approved, the lawsuit cash advance can be used for anything you need – pay the mortgage or rent, funeral and burial expenses, medical bills, and daily household expenses. Best of all, since litigation funding is NOT a lawsuit loans, there are no monthly payments and repayment is only made after the case settles. If the funded client loses, the repayment is completely waived.

Litigation funding puts cash in your hands when you need it most – to avoid a low settlement offer, home foreclosure, auto repossession, ruined credit, and bankruptcy. If you have a personal injury or wrongful death claim and need money now, we may be able to put money in your hands now so you can pay your bills and other financial obligations. It takes less than five minutes to apply online; we will do the rest.

Jury Rules Misdiagnosis Led To Death of 23-Year-Old

April 8, 2014

A Massachusetts family was recently awarded $4.8 million after a jury found a doctor’s negligence was a contributing factor in the death of their loved one. In August 2006, Jeffrey Kace went to St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center complaining of a cough, fever, and chest pains. During a five minute exam, the 23-year-old was diagnosed with bronchitis, prescribed antibiotics and painkillers, and sent home. The next morning Jeffrey was found dead in his bed. A medical examiner determined the cause of death was myocarditis, a virus that infects and inflames the heart muscle. According to the plaintiff’s attorney, an electrocardiogram, usually administered when patients complain of chest pain as this man did, would have revealed the infection.

Moving forward after a devastating loss is emotionally and financially draining for surviving family members. Medical malpractice cases, like this one, are long, drawn out, draining battles. Trying to make ends meet with ordinary cost of living expenses, medical expenses, funeral expenses, and the loss of income adds to the stress. When this happens, lawsuit funding may be a viable solution.

Some victims and/or their families are too often left with mounting bills and few options. Litigation funding is a service that provides plaintiffs with financial assistance to help get through the long litigation process. Without this option, desperate plaintiffs are often forced to settlements too soon, for too little. With litigation funding, a plaintiff can remain in a case longer in order to pursue a larger settlement.

While no amount of money can replace the loss of a loved one due to a misdiagnosis, non-diagnosis, or other type of medical malpractice, if you are living with consequences of a misdiagnosis, or if a loved one died because of a doctor’s negligence, it may be important to contact a medical malpractice attorney to determine your rights. After filing a lawsuit, if you need financial assistance while waiting for justice to be served, contact a legal funding expert.

A pre-settlement funding company provides an advance based on its review of the case; a lawsuit cash advance is often approved with funding wired into your account within 24-48 hours. There are no up-front charges, no monthly payments, no credit checks, and no hassle. Best of all, repayment is contingent on the outcome of the lawsuit. If you lose the case, you owe us nothing. To learn more or to apply, contact the legal funding experts at LitigationFundingCorp. to discuss your case funding situation.

Lawsuit Alleges Doctor’s Failure to Act Led to Severe Heart Damage and Permanent Disability

April 7, 2014

A Louisiana man has filed a lawsuit alleging that his heart attack could have been prevented if a doctor properly treated his medical condition. The man consulted Dr. Hutchinson after suffering increased chest pains and numbness in his hands. The patient stated that he underwent a heart catheterization and angiogram, and that the doctor told him if stents were required or the blockages needed to be removed, the procedures would take place at the same time. According to the claim, the doctor found severe heart concerns warranting the stents, yet no stents were implanted and the man was discharged. In less than 3 weeks, the man was rushed to the ER for a heart attack. This time a stent was inserted, but severe heart damage had already occurred; the man was left disabled. The suit claims that had the stent been implanted weeks earlier, the man would not be disabled today. The plaintiff seeks an unspecified amount.

This case already extends over four years, and the suit was just filed. What if it takes longer than expected to resolve? What if the couple can’t get a quick trial date or an early, satisfactory settlement offer? Accepting a permanent disability certainly is not easy especially when it could have been avoided. The emotional, mental and physical stress is enough to deal with; the last thing this man and his wife need is to worry about is how to keep up with the financial obligations. Although I don’t know the financial status of this couple, this case is a perfect example where lawsuit funding could help avoid the pressure of accepting an early settlement that offers too little.

Lawsuit funding helps plaintiffs who are struggling to make ends meet without sufficient funds to handle unexpected medical bills and ordinary living expenses. When applying for a lawsuit cash advance, employment and good credit do not matter; only the strength of the case is important. After completing an online application, a professional staff member will request case documentation from the plaintiff’s attorney. If approved, funds can be available within 24-48 hours. Repayment is contingent on the outcome of the lawsuit, meaning if the plaintiff loses the case, the repayment is completely waived.

If you are the victim of medical malpractice, have filed a lawsuit, and need assistance paying your bills, contact us today. Why struggle any longer when we may have the mechanism you need to pay your bills, keep your credit standing, and fight for your rights. For further information on our unique legal funding programs, call us toll-free at 1.866.548.3863, or visit us online.

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