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Scooter Accident Plaintiffs Can Benefit from Litigation Funding

Scooter accidents are often caused by irregularities in roadways, but they may also occur as a result of an automobile. Due to its size, scooter may not be seen in a rear view or side of a vehicle. Driver distractions may also lead to an accident. In any event, scooter accidents can cause life-threatening physical injuries or death that can lead to unforeseeable medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life.

An elderly man riding an electronic scooter has died after being struck by a vehicle exiting a parking lot. The investigation is ongoing, but police do not believe speed and alcohol were contributing factors.

Although this is a difficult time for the victim’s family, if they believe the accident resulted from driver negligence, the family should consult with an attorney who can help preserve their legal rights and obtain a maximum settlement for their loss. While going through the legal process, if the family experiences financial problems, they should consider litigation funding.

Litigation funding is a no-risk cash advance on the expected proceeds of the case. With a lawsuit cash advance, plaintiffs stay financially afloat during the litigation process so they can fight for all the money they deserve. Qualifying is easy! There is no credit check, no employment verification, and no upfront fees. Once approved, the lawsuit cash advance can be used for anything you need – pay the mortgage or rent, funeral and burial expenses, medical bills, and daily household expenses. Best of all, since litigation funding is NOT a lawsuit loans, there are no monthly payments and repayment is only made after the case settles. If the funded client loses, the repayment is completely waived.

Litigation funding puts cash in your hands when you need it most – to avoid a low settlement offer, home foreclosure, auto repossession, ruined credit, and bankruptcy. If you have a personal injury or wrongful death claim and need money now, we may be able to put money in your hands now so you can pay your bills and other financial obligations. It takes less than five minutes to apply online; we will do the rest.

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