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Patient with Ankle Fracture Receives Overdose of Pain Medication

June 30, 2014

In January 2013, a North Carolina woman went to the hospital with a fractured ankle, but she left with serious medical problems that resulted from an overdose of pain medication.

Upon her arrival at the hospital, ER doctors gave her pain medications. Suddenly, she became unresponsive and slipped into respiratory distress. It is alleged she was given an overdose of medication.

The woman was rushed to the critical care unit after the attending doctor gave her an injection of a different medication to reverse the effects of the first drug. The second injection did not rectify the situation.

After returning home, the woman and her spouse filed a medical negligence lawsuit seeking compensation for medical malpractice, loss of companionship, hospital bills and court costs.

Medical malpractice lawsuits take a long time to resolve, and they usually involve medical expert witnesses. These witnesses are a necessity, but they can be very expensive to work with. Any family would find it difficult to keep up with all of their bills while attempting to pay new medical bills. One solution might be to apply for a lawsuit loan from a litigation funding company.

Application for pre-settlement funding requires a plaintiff to be working with a lawyer on a case that has a good chance of winning in court. The applicant does not need a credit check and does not need to be working at the time of applying for litigation funding. Once the case has been assessed, funds are wired directly to the plaintiff’s bank account within 24–48-hours. Pre-settlement funding is intended for immediate use to pay medical bills and remain current with other important expenses. However, lawsuit loans are not for everyone, so discuss your needs with a litigation-funding representative.

Caltrans May Face More Wrongful Death Lawsuits

June 26, 2014

While the cause of a fatal accident in San Bernardino is underway, family and friends mourn the death of two teens and Caltrans may be facing another lawsuit.

A dump truck hauling 80,000 pounds of wet cement lost control and collided with a PT Cruiser in the Cajon Pass sending the vehicle down a dirt embankment. The dump truck rolled several times before landing on top of the Cruiser. Two of the five passengers inside the Cruiser died at the scene; the other three were injured. The dump truck driver, who was working as a subcontractor for California Department of Transportation (CalTrans), was not injured.

An initial investigation indicates that the truck driver lost control for an unknown reason and failed to stop at an intersection. The California Highway Patrol is investigating whether there was a mechanical issue; unconfirmed reports that the dump truck’s brakes failed. Alcohol and drugs did not appear to be a factor in the accident. This is the fourth fatal accident to claim two or more victims in the region since Mother’s Day.

The families of the deceased may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver and Caltrans. Caltrans may be held liable for failing to maintain the dump trick and/or failing to maintain and improve dangerous road. But, winning a wrongful death lawsuit resulting from a dangerous road accident involves proving the government was aware of a significant danger, but failing to fix it. Whether a lawsuit is filed against Caltrans or not, the negligent driver may still be held accountable.

Suffering the loss of a loved one is enough of a hardship; the last thing the families need is to face significant financial hardship, too. We understands how hard it is to stay financial afloat during a lengthy litigation process. If you are in need of a financial lifeline until your case is settled, consider litigation funding.

Litigation funding is financial assistance during the litigation process to help innocent victims pay mounting medical bills or funeral and burial expenses. With this non-recourse cash advance, plaintiffs can take care of their financial obligations while giving their attorney the time needed to seek appropriate justice.

We work directly with your attorney to gather necessary information to process your funding request as quickly as possible. Funding is based on the merits of the case, not on credit-worthiness or employment history verification. Litigation funding is a non-recourse cash advance, meaning that it is paid back only out of the settlement of the case. If you don’t win the case, the cash advance does not have to be repaid.

To determine if you qualify for litigation funding, complete our online application or call us toll-free at 1-866-548-3863. If approved, cash can often be available in as little as 24 hours.

Severe Brain Trauma at Birth Results in Life-Long Care for Infant

June 18, 2014

According to the document filed in this medical malpractice lawsuit, the plaintiff’s child was born with cerebral palsy and permanent brain damage because the doctors did not perform a C-section promptly. Doctors allegedly failed to recognize the need for an emergency C-section during the birth.

The multi-million dollar lawsuit claims that doctors did not recognize or respond to the plaintiff’s labor struggles in a timely manner. The suit also alleges that once in surgery, the C-section incision was delayed for an unreasonable amount of time, exacerbating an already precarious situation.
The child was stillborn. Even though life-saving attempts commenced, a long period of time passed between his birth and attempted resuscitation. The child was oxygen deprived for 14 minutes and sustained catastrophic brain damage that will require permanent lifetime care. The lawsuit seeks $40 million in compensation.

This is not the first lawsuit the Oregon hospital has faced; in fact, it is the third suit alleging medical negligence in relation to birth. The other two families are also suing the hospital, doctors and staff for $40 million.

Any family is faced with enormous expenses in caring for a disabled child. Until they are able to settle their claim or until a jury awards them funds to care for their son, they will need to pay their monthly financial obligations, including the high medical bills the lawsuit will, in part, address. This is difficult without financial help. The family may wish to apply for litigation funding, also referred to as pre-settlement funding. It is easy to apply for a lawsuit loan by calling a litigation funding company or filling out an online application.

Lawsuit funding is emergency cash sent to a financially struggling plaintiff to pay their bills right away. Approved applicants do not need to deal with insurance companies; pre-settlement funding covers all of their financial requirements until case resolution.

When Facing Financial Hardship, Explore Your Options with Lawsuit Funding

June 12, 2014

If you are like hundreds of plaintiffs who are barely able to pay the bills while in a pending lawsuit, there is no reason to settle for less than your case is worth. Complete an online application to explore your options with lawsuit funding.

Faced with a loss of financial resources and possibly dealing with severe injuries and/or loss of employment, without the help of lawsuit funding a plaintiff may have no choice but to settle their lawsuit for less than fair case value. Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance that enables plaintiffs to receive fast cash months or years before their case settles. It can also help to prevent damage to a client’s credit score. Unlike a bank loan, there are no application fees, credit checks, employment verification, or monthly payments. Because funding is based solely on the merits of the case, once approved, cash can be available in as little as 24 hours. The cash advance is only repaid upon a successful verdict or settlement. If the plaintiff does not receive a favorable settlement or positive award, the cash advance does not need to be repaid.

Litigation Funding Corp. have been helping clients for over 14 years; we may be able to help you, too. Call or visit us online to learn how our lawsuit funding services may benefit your case and provide the financial security you need today.

Doggie Distraction

June 9, 2014

Although not much has been devoted to distractions by man’s best friend, there are many risks associated with dogs and car travel. According to AAA, unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 auto accidents annually. Two-thirds of dog owners surveyed said they routinely pet, play, and feed their dogs while driving, and 21% said they have held a pet in their lap while driving.

Even if your dog is the perfect puppy, accidents can, and do, happen. A dog may climb in your lap, sniff around your neck, or lick your face. Not only can such distractions take your attention from driving, they can lead a serious or deadly accident. An unrestrained dog can be easily thrown around the inside of the vehicle or out of the car.

You would not allow your child to move freely about the vehicle or sit in your lap, would you? What about your best friend? After all, dogs are “man’s best friend.” To ensure your safety and the safety of your pet, always keep your dog restrained with a car harness, crate, or barrier. A dog can get in the way of the steering wheel making it difficult to turn. Never allow your dog to ride in the front seat; even a 10-pound dog can be injured by an airbag or become a flying object if not securely retrained.

Someone injured in an auto accident caused by a driver distracted, may have able to seek compensation for negligence. Whether the cause of the distraction was a pet or something else, distracted driving is negligent driving. An experienced auto accident attorney can help the victim understand his/her rights. Once a lawsuit is filed, if the victim needs financial assistance until the case settles, litigation funding may be the answer.
Strategic lawsuit funding can help pay ongoing medical bills and other important expenses, while recovering physically and emotionally and waiting for a fair settlement. Such funding is intended to remove the financial pressure to resolve a serious personal injury lawsuit too soon, for too little due to pressing financial need. Litigation funding is provided on a non-recourse basis meaning the plaintiff repays the lawsuit cash advance upon settlement, but if the plaintiff loses, s/he is not required to repay the advanced funds.

We are a leader in the litigation funding industry and recognized by attorneys nationwide as a preferred choice for legal funding services. We are dedicated to securing lawsuit cash advances to plaintiffs based on case assessment only. With a streamlined process, our professional staff works to ensure that each request for funding is processed quickly and efficiently, with funding available in as little as 24 hours. It is really that simple, so don’t delay; call today!

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