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Patient with Ankle Fracture Receives Overdose of Pain Medication

In January 2013, a North Carolina woman went to the hospital with a fractured ankle, but she left with serious medical problems that resulted from an overdose of pain medication.

Upon her arrival at the hospital, ER doctors gave her pain medications. Suddenly, she became unresponsive and slipped into respiratory distress. It is alleged she was given an overdose of medication.

The woman was rushed to the critical care unit after the attending doctor gave her an injection of a different medication to reverse the effects of the first drug. The second injection did not rectify the situation.

After returning home, the woman and her spouse filed a medical negligence lawsuit seeking compensation for medical malpractice, loss of companionship, hospital bills and court costs.

Medical malpractice lawsuits take a long time to resolve, and they usually involve medical expert witnesses. These witnesses are a necessity, but they can be very expensive to work with. Any family would find it difficult to keep up with all of their bills while attempting to pay new medical bills. One solution might be to apply for a lawsuit loan from a litigation funding company.

Application for pre-settlement funding requires a plaintiff to be working with a lawyer on a case that has a good chance of winning in court. The applicant does not need a credit check and does not need to be working at the time of applying for litigation funding. Once the case has been assessed, funds are wired directly to the plaintiff’s bank account within 24–48-hours. Pre-settlement funding is intended for immediate use to pay medical bills and remain current with other important expenses. However, lawsuit loans are not for everyone, so discuss your needs with a litigation-funding representative.

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