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Help for Victims Injured by Defective Medical Products

We expect the products we purchase to be designed and manufactured in such a manner that they are safe. We also expect that the manufacturer will provide reasonable warnings of product dangers and recalls. Yet, every year thousands of consumers are seriously injured or die as a result of defective or faulty products. When medical device manufacturers fail to properly ensure that their products are designed with safety in mind, they should be held legally accountable for the injuries caused by their products. A defective product lawsuit may be necessary to compensate an innocent victim, alert the public about the dangerous product, and create an economic incentive for the manufacturing company to produce safe products and provide sufficient warning of the dangers of their products, ultimately resulting in the saving of lives.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Bed Handles Inc., of Blue Springs, Mo., have recalled over 110,000 adult portable bed handles after three woman reportedly died after becoming entrapped between the mattress and the bed handles. All three victims were living in an assisted living or adult family home at the time. An investigation into the product revealed that the handles are dangerous because they can shift away from the mattress, creating a gap that disabled or elderly patients can fall in to and potentially strangle or become trapped.

Although the recall comes too late to save the three lives that were lost, the families of the victims might have a legitimate injury claim against the nursing home/assistant living center and the product manufacturer. It is important that they contact an experienced personal injury attorney to understand their rights. Once a lawsuit is filed, if these families need financial assistance until the case settles, they may be able to procure litigation funding.

At Litigation Funding Corp., we understand that the litigation process takes time and during this period bills can pile up, resulting in financial hardship. With our quick and easy litigation funding services, Litigation Funding Corp. can help put money in your pocket with no risk to you. We require no monthly payments, no credit checks, and the applicant does not need to be employed. The only requirement to obtain funding is a case with merit. Repayment is only made once the case settles; if the plaintiff loses the repayment is waived.

If a loved one has been seriously injured or died as a result of using these adult portable bed handles or any defective or recalled product and you have filed a personal injury lawsuit, you may be eligible for litigation funding. If you do not yet have a defective medical product attorney, Litigation Funding Corp. can refer you to excellent legal representation in your area, at no cost to you. With our simple application and quick approval process, plaintiffs can obtain cash relief in less than 48 hours. Call today to learn more; our experienced representatives are here to answer all your funding questions.

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