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Lawsuit Funding: A Risk-Free Mechanism for Plaintiffs to Pay the Bills

Hospitals and doctors can do remarkable things for their patients; they save lives and cure illnesses every day, in hospitals and clinics all over the country. However, they can also make mistakes, serious ones, and making them accountable for those mistakes will make them more careful, almost always, and help prevent them from reoccurring. When patients are scarred, maimed, and, even killed by preventable medical neglect, they or their loved ones can seek damages. Whatever the situation may be, Litigation Funding Corporation is committed to assisting victims of medical malpractice claims by providing a lawsuit cash advance prior to case settlement.

A man (I’ll call him “Jeff” for this post) arrived at the ER with severe neck pain and numbness in his arms and legs. A doctor diagnosed his condition as neck strain and released him from the hospital. A few hours later, Jeff became completely paralyzed from the chest down. He returned to the hospital where he was left untreated for almost two more hours. It was later determined that Jeff suffered from a herniated disk that was compressing his spinal cord and causing progressive neurological injury. Now, he will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair; he is unable to walk, run, run a bike, or work. Jeff filed a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging negligence. After a 3 year legal battle, the jury awarded him $3.5 million.

This case shows what happens when doctors are negligent when it comes to patient care. It also shows how long medical malpractices case can take to settle. The emotional, mental and physical stress was enough to deal with; the last thing he needed to worry about was how to pay the bills. That’s where Litigation Funding Corporation was able to help. We provide lawsuit funding to help plaintiffs withstand the litigation process and still be able to pay the bills. It did not matter that Jeff could not work; we only care about the strength of the case. After completing an online application, one of our professional staff members obtained case documentation from Jeff’s attorney and within 24 hours, we were able to approve him from a $5,000 cash advance. He owed us absolutely nothing until his case settled at which time we were repaid from the proceeds of the case. Had Jeff lost his case, he would have owed us absolutely nothing; the cash advance was provided totally risk-free.

If you are the victim of medical malpractice, have filed a lawsuit, and need assistance paying your bills, contact Litigation Funding Corporation. We may have the mechanism you need to pay your bills, keep your credit standing, and fight for your rights.

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