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Impulsive Driving or Misjudging a Situation can be Deadly

September 30, 2014

Research shows that teenagers are twice as likely to make impulsive decisions as adults, especially inexperienced ones. This means they may be more inclined to run a stop sign, fail to yield, or misjudge a situation, such as whether there is time to make a turn in front of an oncoming vehicle.

Police have concluded that “failure to yield” to a dump truck was “the sole contributing factor” in an auto accident that took the life of a 15-year-old girl. The driver of the dump truck told police that three vehicles were waiting to make a left turn as he approached in the opposite direction. He said all three vehicles cut in front of him; he began to brake, but could not stop before hitting the third vehicle in which the teen was a backseat passenger. Her 16-year-old brother, a passenger in the front seat, was injured. The 16-year-old driver of the Chevy Blazer has been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle. The three teens were on their way to school at the time of the accident.

Teens need to understand that their carelessness behind the wheel puts them and others at risk. While no amount of money can turn back the hands of time, the parents of the deceased and injured teens may want to consult an experienced attorney to understand their rights to compensation. If this fatal accident leads to a wrongful death lawsuit, it may take months, even years for a settlement to be reached even though it might be obvious that the teen driver was the one at-fault. Waiting for a settlement can take a long time, putting a family in financial ruin. Fortunately, lawsuit funding may be an option.

Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance against the future proceeds of the case. It is a means to ease the financial burden and give the plaintiff’s attorney the time needed to obtain full case value. The process to apply for a lawsuit cash advance is easy and it’s also free. If you qualify, funding can often be available in as little as 24 hours and is only repaid once the case successfully settles. When a case is lost, the repayment is waived.

Suffering injuries are the loss of a loved one is enough of a hardship; don’t succumb to a financial hardship as well. Call or visit us online to apply or for a no obligation lawsuit funding consultation.

Victim’s Spouse Files Lawsuit After Alleged Death Due to Sepsis

On May 10, 2008, Regina Riche arrived at the hospital with a debilitating headache. After being treated for a brain aneurysm, she died of sepsis.

Drs. Frank Culicchia and Justin Owen informed Riche’s husband that she had a brain aneurysm and needed surgery. The day after her operation, she became violently ill. Within a few days, her symptoms had progressed further to include offensive smelling fluids that oozed from her body, with the exudates eventually becoming dark and bloody.

By May 17, 2008, Riche had been declared septic. She died May 18, 2008. 

Her husband filed a medical negligence lawsuit for her wrongful death, for loss of love and affection, for loss of the chance of survival or recovery and for pain and suffering.

Riche may have been interested to know that he could have helped pay his wife’s medical and other bills by applying for litigation funding. Pre-settlement funding, also called a lawsuit loan, is emergency funding sent to a qualified plaintiff within 24 to 48 hours after their application for assistance is approved.

Plaintiffs waiting for cases to go to settlement or trial are pleased to discover that they do not need to deal with any insurance companies making them lower offers. They have enough cash on hand in the bank to assist them in paying all of their medical, usual and important expenses. They only need to focus on healing from the loss of their loved one.

While a lawsuit loan is not the perfect solution for everyone, many find the benefits — no requirement to be working on applying and no-strings-attached retention of the funds should they lose their case in court — to be worth pursuing.

Long Island Cesspool Explosion Sparks Dueling Lawsuits

September 29, 2014

If you or a loved one has been involved in a blast injury resulting to the negligence or wrongdoing of another, you may be entitled to compensatory damage for medical bills, physical and emotional injuries, pain and suffering, lost earnings, and other expenses through a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced attorney can guide you through the process and make sure justice is pursued. If you are going through litigation for a blast injury and searching for lawsuit funding, contact Litigation Funding Corp.

A cesspool cleaner was hired by a homeowner in December 2011 to clear a sewer system blockage, but when he lifted the sewer lid an explosion occurred, leaving the man with severe facial burns. Also seriously injured was the son of the homeowner, who was visiting his mother and helped the contractor lift the heavy lid.
The contractor filed a lawsuit alleging homeowner negligence for pouring a chemical cleaner in the toilet that caused a buildup of methane in the tank. That lawsuit sparked one by the homeowner’s son, who alleged the sewer guy “addressed the sewer system blockage in a negligent and careless manner.” He also named is mother as a defendant, which is legally required because she owned the property. According to his attorney, the man is not seeking monetary damages from his mother.

While the homeowner admits to using a chemical in the cesspool three days prior to the explosion, she and her son allege the cesspool cleaner also put in a chemical. The claim against the sewer worker contends that the man was struggling to remove the heavy lid with a large, metal pry bar. The friction between the metal tool and the stone lid apparently sparked the methane gas that had been building up from a clog in the sewer line. The suit also alleges the sewer contractor was operating a business without the proper training and required government licenses, and was “falsely representing himself to be knowledgeable, experienced, competent and highly trained in the field of sewer system repairs.”

Cases like this take time and incredible amounts of resources to reach a settlement. Burn victims suffer a great deal due to the time it takes to heal; some suffer emotional and sociological problems after such trauma. Injuries may be life-long so it is important to seek compensation for future care and medical bills. For many victims, waiting for fair compensation is not a viable option if foreclosure, eviction, medical expenses, and debt collectors are looming. In order to avoid financial hardship, Litigation Funding Corp. provides a lawsuit cash advance to prevent plaintiffs from settling for less than full case value. Lawsuit funding is designed to help plaintiffs pay medical expenses, funeral expenses, mortgage, and those monthly bills that pile up during the litigation process. It puts time in the hands of the plaintiff to await justice.

If you have been the victim of gas explosion resulting to the negligence or wrongdoing of another, and seeking compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, you may also qualify for lawsuit funding. The transaction is risk-free and clients often obtain money within 24 – 48 hours. Funding is provided on a non-recourse basis and is completely contingent on the outcome of the lawsuit. If the lawsuit fails, the cash advance is completely excused. There are no upfront fees and no monthly payments. Credit and employment do not matter because we focus on the case and the case, alone. Complete our free, online application or call us today see how we can help.

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding Supports Defective Product Lawsuits

September 25, 2014

Product manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe, as well as warn consumers of potential dangers. When consumers buy a product on the store shelf or in the showroom, they assume the product is safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Millions of people injured every year by defective products – toy, drug, equipment, vehicle, etc. – can be affected physically, emotionally, and financially. If the accident or injury could have been prevented, if the manufacturer had published warnings, or if the product was somehow misleading, victim may be entitled to compensation.

A defective product lawsuit may take time to settle. During this time, a plaintiff may not have enough money to pay the bills, especially if the injuries meant the inability to return to work. Pre-settlement funding may be available to meet financial needs while waiting for case settlement. This type of cash advance can be an essential asset because funding can be available quickly. Unlike traditional bank loans, there are no credit checks, employment verifications, or monthly payments. The only requirement is a guarantee of repayment once the case settles. If the plaintiff loses, the lawsuit cash advance is completely waived.

If you are the victim of a defective product and have file a personal injury lawsuit, don’t let the bills pile up and ruin your credit. Apply for pre-settlement lawsuit funding and you could be paying your bills in less than 48 hours.

Driver Swerves Around Debris Causing Multi-Vehicle Accident

September 22, 2014

One of the most common lethal driving mistakes is swerving either by not staying in the proper lane, drifting into other lanes, or erratically changing lanes. Swerving can also occur if a driver is going too fast for road conditions, overcompensates, or swerves to avoid a pothole, animal, or debris. Swerving to avoid the debris is a common reaction, but it can also be more devastating than hitting the object.

According to police, the driver of a Jeep Liberty was speeding when he came upon road debris. Swerving to avoid hitting it, he slammed into a pick-up truck. Unfortunately, that began a chain-reaction. The pick-up truck in turn hit a Ford Taurus sending it into a guardrail before overturning. The drivers of the Liberty and pick-up truck escaped with minor injuries; the driver of the Taurus suffered several broken bones and a traumatic brain injury.

Victims of this auto accident should contact an experienced attorney to determine their rights. They may be entitled to financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other damages related to the accident. The unfortunate aspect of road debris claims is proof; the plaintiff must prove that the debris was the cause of the accident; there must be proof that the accident would not have otherwise occurred. Often times, these types of lawsuits will take more time than a plaintiff can financially withstand. Someone else’s poor judgment should not force victims into debt. For plaintiffs in need of financial assistance, litigation funding may be helpful.

Litigation funding is a no-risk solution for any financially-strapped plaintiff. Poor credit? No worries! No job? No worries! No money to make monthly payments? No worries! The only condition to receive funding is a case with merit.

If you have been harmed in an accident caused by debris in the street, you may be able to receive financial compensation from the party responsible. Once you have filed a lawsuit, you may be entitled to litigation funding. The process begins with completing a one-page application upon which time Litigation Funding Corp. will contact your attorney for case documentation. If your request for funding is approved, a contract is executed and cash can be available within 24 – 48 hours. Repayment is made once your case successfully settles; if you lose your case, repayment is completely waived.

If you are a plaintiff in a pending lawsuit, have fallen on tough financial times, and need cash to pay the bills, call Litigation Funding Corp. We would be happy to review your case and determine if litigation funding is right for you.

After Doctors Amputated All Four of Her Limbs, Jury Awards Woman Twenty-Five Million Dollars in Medical Malpractice Suit

September 18, 2014

A jury found that a Milwaukee woman unnecessarily lost four of her limbs due to medical malpractice.

Thanks to a misdiagnosis of a streptococcal infection, 53-year-old Ascaris Mayo lost limbs after going into septic shock. The spread of the infection led to the amputation of her remaining appendages. 

In 2011, Mayo spent nine hours at a local hospital for treatment of severe abdominal pains, a high fever and rapid heartbeat. Discharged at midnight, she was told to see a gynecologist to discuss fibroids. She collapsed later that day and was treated for septic shock. Even though it was brought under control quickly, the damage to her vascular system was irreversible, leading to her four amputations. At no point during Mayo’s treatment was she told that she may have a life-threatening bacterial infection.

The jury handed down a $25.3 million award, but most jury watchers suggest that the ruling will go on appeal. Wisconsin law allows for capping non-economic damages, and the appeal is expected to lower the original award to $750,000. The case would be ideal for challenging the damage caps in place. The award is focused on the loss of limbs from medical negligence, as opposed to the high dollar amount that negligence is “worth” ($15 million).

The jury found that Mayo’s doctor, Wyatt Jaffe, and his physician’s assistant, Donald Gibson, did not provide an alternative medical diagnosis that may have led the plaintiff to seek other treatment. Jaffe was found 65 percent at fault, and Gibson 35 percent at fault. The award relating to health care costs ($8.2 million) is not subject to state caps.

The expenses associated with such a case would be incredibly high. Any family would struggle to keep up. As such, the Mayo family may have been interested in doing research into litigation funding – an emergency cash lawsuit loan for qualified plaintiffs that helps them manage finances while waiting for justice.

It only take a few minutes to apply online for a lawsuit loan, or to call a litigation funding company and find out more about how a lawsuit loan may apply in your case.

Pre-Settlement Funding for Plaintiffs In the Middle of a Pending Lawsuit

After a serious or deadly auto accident, an investigation will be conducted to gather facts and determine the cause. During this time, those seriously injured or who lost a loved one, should consult an experienced attorney to know their rights. Unfortunately, filing a lawsuit is just the first step of what could be a long process to seeking justice. How will a victim stay above water financially?

An unexpected injury or loss can throw a family into financial chaos especially if the victim was the sole bread winner. In time, many families may lose their savings and face foreclosure. While it is impossible to plan for a tragedy like this, there are services that can help during these difficult times.

When a plaintiff’s financial status can’t withstand a long litigious process, pre-settlement lawsuit funding, an emergency cash advance, may be the answer. Legal funding companies understand the difficulties plaintiffs face when unexpected injuries or losses occur. Their goal is to provide a financial lifeline to make ends meet, while their attorney proceeds with pursuing the maximum settlement.

At Litigation Funding Corp., we know the longer your case takes to settle, the more difficult it is to manage everyday finances that may lead to quick decisions to settle. Receiving pre-settlement funding is easy with our simple application and quick approval process. The cash advance is provided risk free; we get paid only when our clients win their case. Lose, and you owe us nothing!

Don’t let financial issues force you to settle quickly; don’t wait months or years for your settlement. Get the cash you need today with pre-settlement lawsuit funding from Litigation Funding Corp. Call us today and discover how we can help!

Lawsuit Claims Inadequate Care and Supervision Led to Elderly Patient’s Death

When a loved one dies as a result of medical negligence, family members can seek compensation from the wrongdoer. Pursuing wrongful death litigation is a complicated process; the litigant is, almost always, dealing with large corporations and/or insurance companies who delay the process to their financial advantage. Cases often take years to resolve prolonging an emotional, and often financial, roller coaster. Lawsuit funding can provide assistance to surviving family members for expected and unexpected costs while the litigation is pending.

An elderly woman was admitted to the hospital for the purposes of rehabilitation, but after a fall suffered a subdural hematoma that led to a coma and, eventually, her death. The patient’s daughter filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging that the hospital failed to:

•provide her mother proper care to decrease the risk of falls.
•provide proper supervision.
•document the usage of bed and chair alarms.

The suit also claims that due to hospital negligence, the woman sustained bodily injuries, pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical impairment, loss of capacity to enjoy life, and aggravation of existing diseases and physical defects.

Sadly, this case is not unique. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit is only the first step. While the family tries to cope emotionally, the last thing they need to worry about is the medical bills and funeral and burial expenses. Fortunately, lawsuit funding provided some relief.

With lawsuit funding, the family was able to focus on healing, rather than calculating expenses or worrying about how they would pay the bills. Funding was provided on non-recourse basis meaning repayment was contingent upon litigation outcome. After reviewing case documentation, funds were wired into their account within 24 hours. Because funding is based on the strength of the case, there was not need for credit checks or employment history. Once the case settled the advance was repaid from the proceeds of the case. Had the plaintiff lost the case, the lawsuit cash advance would have been completely waived.

Lawsuits can help put an end to your financial struggle, but lawsuit funding can help you wait out the litigation process by providing a cash advance against your pending claim.

Call us toll-free at 1-866-548-3863 for a free case analysis and to see if you qualify for lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit Funding Fills a Gap When Lost Loved One is Sole Bread-Winner

September 16, 2014

If you lost a loved one due to the negligence of someone else, it can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. There is no amount of financial compensation that could make this better, but you should consider how it could help you deal with other burdens this situation has placed on you. A wrongful death lawsuit can help pay for medical expenses (if applicable), as well as funeral and burial expenses. It can also provide for your family, particularly if your deceased loved one is the family’s sole breadwinner. However, reaching a settlement may be much longer than you can financially withstand. You may consider settling for less than full case value if you don’t have the ready cash to pay for immediate expenses. Who can you turn to when funding options are limited and your case is months, even years from settling? The answer is pre-settlement funding.

A lawsuit cash advance is the smart and easy way to gain your financial stability while waiting to obtain justice. Pre-settlement funding is not a loan so your financial information is not necessary to qualify. All that is needed to be considered for funding is that you have retained an attorney and you have a strong case. You can have bad credit and no job, yet still receive a lawsuit cash advance. There are zero monthly payments; repayment is made once the case settles. If you don’t win your lawsuit, you owe nothing.

Litigation Funding Corp. is one of the country’s leading and highly respected legal funding companies. Our team of professionals helps plaintiffs ease their financial concerns by providing quick, affordable, legal funding on their pending wrongful death legal claim. We will promptly review your application, consult your attorney, review case documents, and let you know in a timely manner (usually less than 48 hours) if your case is approved. Once approved, the lawsuit cash advance can be wired as early as the same day.

Lawsuit funding isn’t for everyone, but it may help you survive the litigation process so you can win a much larger settlement. Call Litigation Funding Corp. to learn how pre-settlement lawsuit funding can help keep your case strong.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Man Falls from Plane

September 15, 2014

Pre-settlement funding is ideal for cases where the loss of the family bread-winner could crush the family, financially, before they ever get to the litigation finish line.

A passenger on a flight from Brooklyn to Grinnell Regional Airport was killed after being “sucked” out of the aircraft. His widow has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the skydiving company and pilot alleging that the parachute her husband was required to wear as a safety precaution ended up killing him.

The victim was flying as part of a plan to have maintenance done on the aircraft. Although he was not skydiving, he was told to wear a parachute because the aircraft had no passenger seats and the door was going to be open for the brief flight. During the flight, the chute deployed inside the aircraft. When the wind caught the parachute, the man was “sucked” out of the plane. The lawsuit alleges that he would not have been pulled from the plane and died had he not been required to wear a parachute. The suit alleges the aircraft was not in compliance with federal regulations. Under federal law, planes can be flown without doors specifically for skydiving; this plane was not being used for that purpose. The claim also alleges that the pilot failed to provide a pre-flight briefing, which could have included safety equipment information.

Families like this one often turn to an experienced legal finance company for the financial assistance they need to get through the long, legal process and to achieve true justice in their cases. Pre-settlement funding is money given in advance of an expected settlement or jury verdict to help pay the bills and expenses, remove any financial pressure to settle too early for too little, continue to provide interim financial assistance, if needed, and permit the family to wait out the legal process for a fair and equitable settlement or a trial in the case. With a lawsuit cash advance, personal injury plaintiffs no longer have to cave in to the insurance company because of financial difficulties caused by an accident.

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is easy to apply for, requires no credit check or employment history, no upfront fees or costs, and no monthly payments. Once an applicant is approved, the cash advance can be available for use within 24-48 hours. Lawsuit funding is contingent upon the outcome of the case – if the case is successful, the funding company is repaid the principal plus profit. If the case fails, the repayment is waived. Call 1-866-548-3863 or visit our website for a free, no-obligation consultation or to apply.

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