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Lawsuit Funding Fills a Gap When Lost Loved One is Sole Bread-Winner

If you lost a loved one due to the negligence of someone else, it can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. There is no amount of financial compensation that could make this better, but you should consider how it could help you deal with other burdens this situation has placed on you. A wrongful death lawsuit can help pay for medical expenses (if applicable), as well as funeral and burial expenses. It can also provide for your family, particularly if your deceased loved one is the family’s sole breadwinner. However, reaching a settlement may be much longer than you can financially withstand. You may consider settling for less than full case value if you don’t have the ready cash to pay for immediate expenses. Who can you turn to when funding options are limited and your case is months, even years from settling? The answer is pre-settlement funding.

A lawsuit cash advance is the smart and easy way to gain your financial stability while waiting to obtain justice. Pre-settlement funding is not a loan so your financial information is not necessary to qualify. All that is needed to be considered for funding is that you have retained an attorney and you have a strong case. You can have bad credit and no job, yet still receive a lawsuit cash advance. There are zero monthly payments; repayment is made once the case settles. If you don’t win your lawsuit, you owe nothing.

Litigation Funding Corp. is one of the country’s leading and highly respected legal funding companies. Our team of professionals helps plaintiffs ease their financial concerns by providing quick, affordable, legal funding on their pending wrongful death legal claim. We will promptly review your application, consult your attorney, review case documents, and let you know in a timely manner (usually less than 48 hours) if your case is approved. Once approved, the lawsuit cash advance can be wired as early as the same day.

Lawsuit funding isn’t for everyone, but it may help you survive the litigation process so you can win a much larger settlement. Call Litigation Funding Corp. to learn how pre-settlement lawsuit funding can help keep your case strong.

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