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Pre-Settlement Funding for Plaintiffs In the Middle of a Pending Lawsuit

After a serious or deadly auto accident, an investigation will be conducted to gather facts and determine the cause. During this time, those seriously injured or who lost a loved one, should consult an experienced attorney to know their rights. Unfortunately, filing a lawsuit is just the first step of what could be a long process to seeking justice. How will a victim stay above water financially?

An unexpected injury or loss can throw a family into financial chaos especially if the victim was the sole bread winner. In time, many families may lose their savings and face foreclosure. While it is impossible to plan for a tragedy like this, there are services that can help during these difficult times.

When a plaintiff’s financial status can’t withstand a long litigious process, pre-settlement lawsuit funding, an emergency cash advance, may be the answer. Legal funding companies understand the difficulties plaintiffs face when unexpected injuries or losses occur. Their goal is to provide a financial lifeline to make ends meet, while their attorney proceeds with pursuing the maximum settlement.

At Litigation Funding Corp., we know the longer your case takes to settle, the more difficult it is to manage everyday finances that may lead to quick decisions to settle. Receiving pre-settlement funding is easy with our simple application and quick approval process. The cash advance is provided risk free; we get paid only when our clients win their case. Lose, and you owe us nothing!

Don’t let financial issues force you to settle quickly; don’t wait months or years for your settlement. Get the cash you need today with pre-settlement lawsuit funding from Litigation Funding Corp. Call us today and discover how we can help!

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