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Litigation Funding Corporation To The Rescue When Plaintiffs Face Financial Crisis

November 26, 2014

In the aftermath of a serious or fatal auto accident, family members may be too physically and emotionally devastated to think about the possible legal ramifications. But, it is important that they family consults an experienced auto accident attorney to understand their rights. If it is determined that the driver or auto manufacturer were negligent, the family may be able to recover financial compensation for their losses. Litigation Funding Corporation can assist in finding the best attorney available in all 50 states. Within 24 hours, we will have at least one, most often three top-notch attorneys to choose from, and our referral system is absolutely free.

Once a lawsuit is filed, it could be a long process between the final investigation report and a settlement. Victims may experience financial duress due to the mounting ordinary and extraordinary expenses. Some expenses resulting from an auto accident may include:
• Medical expenses
• Funeral and burial expenses
• Loss of income
• Vehicle damage
• Damages to your car and property
• Out of pocket expenses

These expenses can add up quickly and for some families litigation funding may be a viable option. In fact, it may be the only option to prevent victims from settling too soon and for too little.

Litigation funding is a risk-free cash advance against a pending lawsuit. When you decide to submit your case to Litigation Funding Corporation, you can rest assure that our lawsuit cash advances are provided on a non-recourse basis. This means you only pay back the cash advance if you successfully settle your auto accident lawsuit.

When you know your bills and expenses are covered, it is much easier to fight for justice to be served. Before settling your case too soon, for too little, call Litigation Funding Corporation or visit us online for your financial peace of mind. Because we approve cases based on case strength, we can typically have cash in your hands within 24 hours of funding approval.

If you are currently seeking litigation funding for a car accident, take the first step and fill in our online funding application. We stand ready to serve you in your time of need.

Litigation Funding Can Correct Financial Complications during a Pending Lawsuit

November 25, 2014

Drowsy driving is a serious problem on our roadways. Unfortunately, drivers often underestimate this risk and overestimate their ability to combat drowsiness behind the wheel. When this happens, serious and fatal accidents can occur. If a family is faced with the death of a loved one, they may be able to seek compensation for the damages including funeral costs, expected income, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship to the deceased’s family. After filing a wrongful death lawsuit, the family may be able to apply for, and receive, litigation funding.

A devastating head-on accident resulted in three fatalities after a vehicle being driven by a 31-year-old man struck a semi-truck head-on. According to police, it appears the driver of the vehicle ran off the road, but then over-corrected trying to get back and slammed into the truck. The driver and two passengers were killed instantly. Although the investigation is ongoing, it appears that driver fatigue was a factor.

Victims who were injured or lost a loved one due to a drowsy or fatigued driver, should consult an experienced personal injury attorney who can review the case and determine if the victim is entitled to pain and suffering damages, loss of income damages, medical or funeral costs, and even punitive damages. An automobile accident can be very complex and in some situations it can take years before a settlement is reached. For many plaintiffs litigation funding may help supplement loss of income, pay medical and/or funeral expenses, pay down debt, and cover everyday living expenses in order to wait for fair compensation. With the financial pressure removed, there is no need to resolve any case for less than the full value of your injuries.

The application process is quick and easy because the only requirement is a pending lawsuit with merit and a serious financial need. There is no cost to apply, no upfront fees, no monthly payments, no credit checks and no hassles. Once a plaintiff is approved for funding, the money arrives fast, typically within 24-48 hours. Funding is provided on a non-recourse basis, so if the plaintiff loses the case, there is no obligation to pay us back. The process is really that simple.

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another driver, Litigation Funding Corporation recommends you consult an experienced auto accident attorney to understand your rights. Once you retain an attorney and file a wrongful injury lawsuit, if you are facing financial devastation, consider litigation funding. Contact Litigation Funding Corporation today for a free consultation or to complete an application.

Ectopic Pregnancy Operation Goes Horribly Wrong, Ending With Foot And Below-The-Knee Amputations

November 24, 2014

Stacey Galette, 32, went to the hospital for surgery for an ectopic pregnancy.  She lost a portion of her hearing, had three heart attacks, ended up with a colostomy and had both her legs amputated below the knee. What went wrong?

In an ectopic pregnancy, a fetus begins to develop somewhere in the mother’s body other than the uterus, typically along the fallopian tubes leading from ovary to uterus. A human fetus cannot survive an ectopic pregnancy, and if not removed surgically, the improperly implanted tissue can threaten the mother’s life.

Despite Galette’s post-surgery complaints of fever, an erratic heart rate and severe pain, she was sent home. Three days later, she was admitted to intensive care and remained there for 73 days.

Galette filed a medical negligence lawsuit alleging that her surgeon perforated her intestine, which led to the development of gangrene, infection and blood poisoning, which in turn cost her her limbs and some of her hearing. Her lawsuit further claimed that the hospital’s doctors and staff deviated from the accepted standard of medical care. 

At trial, the named defendants suggested the intestine puncture was the result of a pre-existing bowel condition and that, even if they had perforated it, it was a known risk and therefore not malpractice. They stated the plaintiff was lucky to be alive, thanks to their ability to perform the other surgeries.

But the jury found for the plaintiff and awarded her $62 million: $4 million for medical bills, $20 million for past pain and suffering and $38 million for future pain and care.

Waiting for this case to get to court could have caused Galette some serious financial difficulties. She may have benefited from applying for an emergency lawsuit loan from a litigation funding company. Lawsuit loans are sent to an approved applicant quickly, allowing him or her to take care of all financial obligations, including usual monthly bills.

Pre-settlement funding is not for everyone, but in many cases, it can offer the financial help a plaintiff needs to wait for the resolution of his or her case.

Litigation Funding Prevents Plaintiffs from Blowing Their Credit Score Due to a Pending Lawsuit

November 21, 2014

Tire blowouts can cause serious, even fatal auto accidents. A blown tire could be caused by a defective tire, improper installation, failure to adequately inspect the tires, or failure to provide proper maintenance. Injuries could be the fault of a manufacturer, installer, or driver. While an experienced attorney can help determine whom is liable and whether the accident could have been prevented, a litigation funding company can provide emergency cash to plaintiffs while waiting for case settlement.

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) is investigating a fatal I-75 auto accident, which left one man seriously injured and a man and woman dead. According to FHP, a semi was in the northbound outside lane on I-75 when one of the front tires blew out. After the driver lost control, the semi crashed through a guardrail and the median before smashing head-on into a pick-up truck traveling southbound. Both the driver and the passenger in the pick-up died at the scene. Both were wearing seat belts. The semi driver, who was thrown from his vehicle, was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. It’s unknown if he was wearing a seat belt.

The families of the deceased will obviously be struggling emotionally during this time, but they should seek legal counsel to understand their rights. If a lawsuit is filed and taking longer to settle than finances will allow, the family may wish to seek litigation funding. Upon receipt of a funding application, Litigation Financial will count their attorney for case documentation. If out underwriters determine the case has merit, we are able to provide a non-recourse cash advance within 24 hours. There is no credit check or proof of income required when seeking litigation funding because we fund based solely on the merits of the case. Our clients are only required to repay the cash advance once the case settles. If the case is lost, the repayment is waived. Additionally, personal valuables and credit score remain intact; there is not risk to funded clients with a lawsuit cash advance from Litigation Funding Corp.

If you are in a pending personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, you could qualify for a litigation funding. Simple complete our brief online application or call our office to see if you qualify.

Auto Accident Litigation Funding: An Alternative to Settling for Less Than Case Value

November 18, 2014

A year ago today, a motorcyclist was killed in a rollover accident when an drunk driver lost control of his Ford Ranger pick-up truck, struck the center lane, and rolled into oncoming traffic striking a motorcycle. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. His widow and daughter filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver, the golf club that served him alcohol before the accident, and the organization hosting the golf outing. After the family has retained an experienced attorney to fight for compensation and justice, they sought litigation funding to help with the financial obligations resulting from lack of his income.

A lawsuit can take years to settle, during which time a plaintiff may have financial needs that must be taken care of immediately, for things such as medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, or ongoing living expenses. Financial pressures can force innocent victims to settle a case too soon, for too little. Before that happens, plaintiffs should consult with an experienced lawsuit funding expert. A legal funding company understands the financial situation facing plaintiffs and knows the lengths that insurance companies will go through to reach a less-than-favorable settlement offer.

By obtaining a lawsuit cash advance, the plaintiff has immediate access to money and is not required to pay the firm until a settlement is reached in her lawsuit. Funding is offered as non-recourse funding, which means that plaintiffs only pay the money back if they win their lawsuit or obtain a settlement. Lawsuits eligible for such funding typically involve personal injury or wrongful death.

If you are in a pending lawsuit and struggling financially, put the justice system to work for you. Use litigation funding to ease your financial burden and give your attorney the time needed to obtain full value in your case. An application can be done online or by phone. If approved, the emergency cash can be available within 24 – 48 hours.

Florida Surgeon Retains License Even After Causing Death, Sparking Eleventh Medical Negligence Lawsuit

An emergency appendectomy resulted in Susie Dunphy’s death.
The named defendant in this lawsuit, Dr. Ernest Rehnke, has a long history of medical negligence lawsuits (11 in total) dating from 2000. It is a dubious distinction that ties him for the most lawsuits of any Florida physician. This case was ultimately settled for the maximum his malpractice insurance company would pay for a sole claim, $250,000. Oddly, his license to practice was not restricted or suspended.

In fact, numerous Florida doctors continue to practice even after being sued on multiple occasions. It is surprisingly rare for doctor’s license to be revoked solely on the grounds that he or she provided negligent medical care.

The deceased and the plaintiff in this story were a married couple, both doctors. When they were together with their family on a vacation in 2009, Dr. Susie Dunphy was diagnosed with appendicitis. She underwent emergency surgery. Two days later, she had bled to death.
Upon reading her medical file, her widower, Dr. James Dunphy, discovered that her death could have been prevented. Chart notations indicated that her blood pressure was dangerously low after surgery, but nothing was done to track down the reason for it. Dr. Dunphy filed a wrongful death and medical malpractice lawsuit against the surgeon for failing to adequately monitor his patient after surgery.

In this case, Dr. James Dunphy may have benefited from applying for litigation funding. Pre-settlement funding would carry him and his two children through the toughest financial straits until a settlement or trial was concluded.

A lawsuit loan is used for anything the qualifying plaintiff wishes. However, by the time a litigation funding applicant receives the lawsuit loan, he or she usually opts to pay urgent medical bills and save the rest for other pressing expenses.

Many plaintiffs in difficult financial situations find lawsuit loans an appealing solution. They do not need a credit check, do not pay any fees and are treated with the utmost respect on applying. Should the plaintiff lose the case, the lawsuit loan funds remain vested with him or her, with no strings attached.

Lawsuit Funding Alleviates Financial Problems Caused by an Auto Accident

November 17, 2014

Sustaining auto accident injuries can be emotionally and financially draining. Serious injuries require extensive medical care and usually leave the injured unable to work. The insurance company will typically deny and delay a claim, putting their own profits first. During the ongoing litigation process, financial resources will dwindle, but the bills must still be paid. Since the auto insurance company often has a financial advantage in personal injury lawsuits, they are in a position where they can prolong the legal proceedings. Waiting months or years for a monetary settlement can take quite a toll and you and your family. Auto accident lawsuit funding can provide financial relief and help level the playing field against insurance companies, large corporations, and other deep-pocketed defendants.

With a lawsuit cash advance, you will be able to avoid a financial disaster such as foreclosure, eviction, bankruptcy and ruined credit and keep your case alive until a settlement is reached that you deserve. All it takes to be eligible for funding is a strong pending lawsuit and legal representation. Simply complete our free, online application and a funding decision could be yours in as little as 24 hours. Your employment status and credit history are irrelevant because approval for auto accident lawsuit funding is solely based on the merits of the case. Additionally, there are no hidden fees or upfront costs. Because lawsuit funding is risk-free, there is no obligation to pay back the cash advance unless you win your case and receive a settlement.

When it appears the litigation will continue for an extended period of time, don’t become desperate and accept a settlement that is less than the value of your case. With the help of our legal funding services, you won’t have to compromise your ability to get the compensation you deserve.

Solve Your Financial Problems With Lawsuit Funding!

November 13, 2014

Medical negligence happens every day and the wrongdoer is usually reluctant to accept responsibility. Instead, their high-powered attorneys will deny and delay claims as long as possible hoping the plaintiff will give up, especially if suffering financially. Often times, there is only one solution for a plaintiff struggling to pay the bills – lawsuit funding.

A 53-year-old Milwaukee woman was recently awarded $25.3 million resulting from a medical malpractice lawsuit. On May 24, 2011, this mother of four was admitted to the hospital with acute abdominal pain accompanied by a fever. After spending nearly nine hours at the hospital, she was discharged and told to contact her gynecologist in the morning. Upon returning home, the woman collapsed and was taken to another hospital where she was diagnosed with a septic infection caused by Strep A. Due to the spread of infection, she needed all four limbs amputated to survive. The woman requires round the clock care; her future mobility will ultimately depend on her ability to adapt to prosthetic limbs.

According to the medical malpractice lawsuit, the doctors who treated the woman recognized signs of infection and included it in her diagnosis, but failed to share this information with the patient. The suit claims that a $25 antibiotic treatment could have prevented the septic infection. At the end of a three week trial, the jury awarded the woman $25.3 million, more than $8.2 million in past and anticipated health care costs and approximately $16.5 million consisted of non-economic damages. An appeal is expected.

This case is a perfect example where lawsuit funding could be useful. It has been over three years since the accident, and although an award was determined, this woman may still wait years to see her settlement if an appeal is filed. If facing financial burden during an appeal, lawsuit funding can still be a valuable resource.
Lawsuit funding approval is based 100% on the merit of the case and payment is only repaid when the case successfully settles. Because this cash advance is on a non-recourse basis, if the woman would lose her case on appeal, she would owe nothing. Additionally, there are no out-of-pocket costs, no credit checks and no need for employment verification. Once approved, funds can be available within 24 – 48 hours.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured due to medical negligence or misdiagnosis and are in need of immediate cash until your lawsuit settles, consider lawsuit funding to maintain financial stability before, and after, you case settles. Contact the legal funding experts at Litigation Funding Corporation for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case.

With Litigation Funding Time is On Your Side

November 12, 2014

Determining a dollar value of a life is a bit tricky. After filing a wrongful death lawsuit, it can take years to before a plaintiff is compensated for damages. In the meantime, the victim’s families may lack the financial resources needed to cover funeral and burial expenses and maintain daily living expenses. If they need financial assistance during this time, litigation funding can help.

The two drivers were killed in an auto accident on Monday when the driver of a pick-up truck crossed the center line into oncoming traffic, striking another truck head-on. Both drivers died due to multiple blunt force trauma. A passenger in the truck that was hit is listed in critical condition. Investigators so far have not identified the reason the driver crossed over.

Regardless of the reason the vehicle crossed the center line, victims in this type of accident may be eligible to file a lawsuit to recover damages. In most cases, the vehicle that goes into the wrong lane is at fault. Once a lawsuit is filed, they may apply for litigation funding.

Suffering the loss of a loved one is enough of a hardship; don’t succumb to a financial hardship as well. Litigation funding is a cash advance on the expected settlement to help victims pay immediate bills and other expenses, relieve financial obligations, but also handle future expenses until a settlement or verdict is reached. It also gives the attorney time necessary to obtain full case value. Unlike traditional bank loans, litigation funding is provided solely on the strength of the case. There are no upfront fees and no monthly payments. Best of all, we offer a non-recourse cash advance meaning you don’t have to pay back the lawsuit funding unless you successfully win your case. Once approved, funds can be available within 24 – 48 hours. When you know your bills are covered, it is much easier to fight for justice.

Have you suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one in an auto accident? If so, you have the legal right to seek compensation against the other party. This can include medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and out of pocket expenses. Waiting for a fair settlement may take months, even years. During this time, bills must be paid. But, what if you are out of work due to injuries or if the deceased loved one was the sole breadwinner? In times like this, you may be able to receive litigation funding.

Litigation Funding Corp. is an auto accident litigation funding specialist that helps victims through the financially difficult times. We provide a no-obligation consultation and a simple application process. Once you are in a better financial position, you have time to wait out the legal process. What are you waiting for; call us today!

Litigation Funding Helps Families Make Ends Meet after the Loss of a Breadwinner

November 6, 2014

The loss of a loved one in an auto accident leaves an emotional hole in any family. In the midst of the grief, family members usually face significant financial consequences especially if the lost loved one was the breadwinner. A wrongful death lawsuit against a negligent driver may be strong, but it still takes months, if not years, to reach a fair settlement. How will a family survive in the meantime?

Here is one woman’s story:
“There is no worse feeling than to answer the doorbell and find to policemen standing on the other side. I knew instantly something was wrong because my husband is never home late from work without calling. On his way home from work, he was hit by a drunk driver. The impact sent my husband’s car into a utility pole. He died instantly. I barely remember the weeks that followed. With the support of a friend, I eventually consulted an attorney who agreed I had a strong case; a lawsuit was filed. Until the case was settled, I needed financial help. My attorney suggested litigation funding. Within two days, I was approved for a lawsuit cash advance and able to pay the mortgage, funeral expenses, and other household living expenses. I would never have been able to wait for a fair settlement without the help of caring team at Litigation Funding Corporation.”

Litigation funding is meant to assist with housing expenses, funeral costs, and other household living expenses. There is no credit check, we do not require employment verification, and there are no monthly payments. In fact, if approved and the case does not settle favorably, our funded client is not required to repay the cash advance.

It takes time to obtain justice from a wrongful death auto accident, but when the lawsuit drains your financial resources and put your family at risk, contact Litigation Funding Corporation. We can ensure that you have the financial resources you need when you need it most.

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