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Litigation Funding Prevents Plaintiffs from Blowing Their Credit Score Due to a Pending Lawsuit

Tire blowouts can cause serious, even fatal auto accidents. A blown tire could be caused by a defective tire, improper installation, failure to adequately inspect the tires, or failure to provide proper maintenance. Injuries could be the fault of a manufacturer, installer, or driver. While an experienced attorney can help determine whom is liable and whether the accident could have been prevented, a litigation funding company can provide emergency cash to plaintiffs while waiting for case settlement.

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) is investigating a fatal I-75 auto accident, which left one man seriously injured and a man and woman dead. According to FHP, a semi was in the northbound outside lane on I-75 when one of the front tires blew out. After the driver lost control, the semi crashed through a guardrail and the median before smashing head-on into a pick-up truck traveling southbound. Both the driver and the passenger in the pick-up died at the scene. Both were wearing seat belts. The semi driver, who was thrown from his vehicle, was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. It’s unknown if he was wearing a seat belt.

The families of the deceased will obviously be struggling emotionally during this time, but they should seek legal counsel to understand their rights. If a lawsuit is filed and taking longer to settle than finances will allow, the family may wish to seek litigation funding. Upon receipt of a funding application, Litigation Financial will count their attorney for case documentation. If out underwriters determine the case has merit, we are able to provide a non-recourse cash advance within 24 hours. There is no credit check or proof of income required when seeking litigation funding because we fund based solely on the merits of the case. Our clients are only required to repay the cash advance once the case settles. If the case is lost, the repayment is waived. Additionally, personal valuables and credit score remain intact; there is not risk to funded clients with a lawsuit cash advance from Litigation Funding Corp.

If you are in a pending personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, you could qualify for a litigation funding. Simple complete our brief online application or call our office to see if you qualify.

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