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When Is Pre-Settlement Funding Appropriate?

Litigation can take a very long time; sometimes, cases drag on for years. During this time, if the injured person is suffering from serious injuries or disabilities, unable to work, and faced with reduced income, it may not be possible to wait until a settlement is reached. When savings are drained and family or friends can’t help, plaintiffs may consider pre-settlement litigation funding.

The only requirement for pre-settlement funding is legal representation and a strong case. There is no need for credit check or employment verification. Once a pre-settlement funding application is received, we work closely with the plaintiff’s attorney to obtain required documents on the case so we can properly review the facts and determine funding eligibility. If approved, a contract is prepared for client and attorney signature. Then, the funds can be wired directly to the client’s bank account or sent via overnight mail. There are no restrictions on how the cash advance is used, but most people will pay the mortgage/rent, car payments, medical bills, and daily living expenses. Pre-settlement funding is awarded on a non-recourse basis. The only payment made is when the funded client successfully settles the case. If for any reason the case is lost, repayment is waived.

Due to the high cost of this type of funding, pre-settlement lawsuit funding should be considered as a last resort; after all other funding options are exhausted. When you need money quickly, but the insurance company wants to stall the settlement hoping you settle for less, contact Litigation Funding Corporation. We offer a no-obligation consultation so you can determine if pre-settlement funding is appropriate for you and your case.

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