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When Determining Fault is a Lengthy Legal Process, Litigation Funding Can Come to the Rescue

A 2008 accident between a SUV and a utility truck left the driver of the SUV paralyzed for life. Each driver alleged that the other rain a red light; each claimed the other caused serious injuries. The two cases were consolidated, then tried together. The jury found the utility truck driver 95% negligent and the sport utility driver 5% negligent. The award was $25 million, reduced to $23.8 for the 5% comparative negligence.

Despite a favorable settlement, it was a long legal battle, especially for the paralyzed victim who could no longer work. Ever wonder how a person who cannot earn a living litigate a case for so many years, without assistance in paying ordinary bills and expenses? Social Security Disability benefits may have helped in this case, but these benefits most likely fell far short of paying this man the wages that he was making before the accident. He could/may have sought litigation funding.

Auto accident litigation funding is not just a good option; it is often times the only option. Expenses that an injured victim can suddenly cannot afford can be normal, everyday costs, but these are compounded by the following additional bills and expenses:

• Hospital and medical bills
• Physical therapy
• Medication
• Lost income or wages

Litigation funding has the priceless quality of assisting victims in turning down unreasonable and insulting offers from insurance companies which are trying to take advantage of the plaintiffs’ financial distress. Legal finance services are easy to apply for, either online or by phone. It costs nothing to apply, there are no credit checks, no employment requirement, no upfront fees, and no hassle. If your case is approved, the money is yours and is in your hands within 24-48 hours. Use litigation funding proceeds to pay important bills and expenses: Excess medical expenses, mortgage or car payments, tuition, rent, groceries are some of the many good ways to use legal funding. And, funding is completely contingent upon the outcome of your case; you only have to pay us back if you win your lawsuit and receive compensation.

If you don’t have the financial ability to wait out the litigation process for a settlement or verdict in your auto accident lawsuit, litigation funding could be a lifesaver. Simply complete our easy, online application or call our office toll-free. Our experienced and professional staff can help you understand the legal finance process so you can determine if a lawsuit cash advance is right for your case.

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