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Win Your Personal Injury Lawsuit with the Help of Litigation Funding

A personal injury can be a life-changing moment, leaving you with severe injuries and disabilities, as well as a financial and emotional stress as the bills pile up. Magnifying the situation is the deep pockets of insurance companies and corporations who try to extend the lawsuit and drag it out as part of their strategy. Defendants know it’s just a matter of time before a plaintiff’s financial situation becomes overwhelming. That’s when a settlement is offered and a vulnerable plaintiff will rationalize that “something is better than nothing.” A better solution is to keep the case strong with litigation funding.

Litigation funding can help plaintiff’s avoid financial ruin and pressures as they await a settlement in a long drawn-out legal case. When a funding company steps in and provides a lawsuit cash advance, it is not a loan. It is non-recourse funding meaning the money is advanced and is repaid if, and when, the lawsuit is settled or a verdict is reached. There is no credit check, employment history, or collateral required for approval. Funding is based solely on the strength of the case and can be obtained within 48 hours of the funding company receiving pertinent documentation.

Don’t settle for less compensation than you deserve. If you are a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit and need litigation funding to help you stand up for your rights and fight your case, give us a call, toll free, at 1-866-548-3863. A member of our team would be happy to discuss your lawsuit financing options.

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