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Funding for Injured Victims Prior to Case Resolution

Any type of auto accident can leave its victims saddled with physical, emotional and financial damage; a rear-end collision is no different. As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end accidents account for roughly 29% of all automobile accidents. Depending on the extent and severity of injuries suffered, victims may be unable to return to work and faced with ongoing medical expenses, property damage to their vehicle, and day-to-day living expenses. This can put the victims’ financial situation in serious trouble due to something outside of his/her control.

No one should have to shoulder the monetary burdens caused by another person’s negligence. If your auto accident was due to the fault of another driver and you have sustained serious injuries, after seeking medical treatment it is important to contact an experienced auto accident attorney to determine your rights to compensation.

While an accident victim is waiting for a case to wind through the court system, bills may continue to mount especially if the victim is unable to return to work. These circumstances can lead to financial hardship, even as the victim tries to recover from injuries. In some cases, the financial pinch may be enough to pressure victims to settle claims too soon for too little. Unfortunately, fast settlements rarely provide the victim with the full amount of compensation they are entitled. A better option is litigation funding.

Litigation funding can provide interim financial support while your case moves through the legal process. The funds can be used to pay the bills so you don’t have to settle your case early for an amount that is less than you deserve. The application process is quick and easy, with funds available sometimes within 24 hours. There are no hidden fees or monthly payments; the only payment made is when the case settles. If the case is lost, the repayment is waived; Litigation Funding Corporation assume all the risk. Call now for more information about how our litigation funding can help you or click here to apply now.

If you were injured due to the negligence of another party, are awaiting a settlement in your personal injury lawsuit, and need financial support to make ends meet, you may qualify for litigation funding.

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