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Get the Funds You Won While You Wait for an Appellate Decision

After suffering an injury due to negligence of someone else and years of preparation, recovery, depositions, as well as delays by the defense, you finally had your day in court. You fought and prevailed. The jury decided you were wronged and returned a verdict in your favor. Unfortunately, the defendant has the right to appeal and, hence, create more delays before you receive your judgment award. What are you supposed to do if you need to pay medical bills, mortgage payments, car payments and other daily expenses? Litigation funding could help you hold out through the appeal process.

While an appeal is pending, Litigation Funding Corporation can provide a non-recourse cash advance based on your future verdict or settlement. Our funding can help you remain financially secure and allow you to pay us back once you have recovered you award. As with all our funding services, there are no upfront fees, credit checks, or monthly payments. Our advances are risk-free; if your verdict is overturned on appeal and you never recover compensation, you do not need to repay the advance.

If you have a lawsuit on appeal and the representation of a contingent fee attorney, you may eligible for litigation funding. Begin by completing our online application. We will contact you immediately to begin the process. We can often provide funding within 24 hours of receiving all necessary paperwork from your attorney. Why wait for more delays to pay your bills?

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Litigation Funding