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Misdiagnosis Allegedly Leads to Man’s Paraplegia

A misdiagnosed case of tuberculosis at the Orlando Regional Medical Center in Orange County leaves Vincent Chambers paralyzed from the waist down.

Vincent Chambers, 26, was working for the county utilities department in Orange County, Florida, when he began to experience back pain in 2012. He was given a battery of tests including a Tuberculosis (TB) test, spent 10 days in hospital and visited several medical practitioners and a rheumatologist in early January 2013.

The rheumatologist diagnosed Chambers with rheumatoid arthritis and administered a shot of HUMIRA, which is contraindicated for patients with tuberculosis.

It was not long after receiving the HUMIRA injection that Chambers began to lose feeling from the waist down and experience numbness. He went to the Orlando Regional Medical Center E.R. where he was diagnosed with complete paraplegia; the doctor who examined him stated an infectious disease was not a likely cause of his paralysis.

Chambers, who was using a wheelchair, was eventually sent to University of Florida Health – Shands Hospital. Doctors there indicated he had tuberculosis, not rheumatoid arthritis, and that in fact there was no evidence he ever had rheumatoid arthritis. He was started on the appropriate TB medication on January 28, 2013.

The plaintiff in this case chose to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against multiple named defendants, alleging breach of duty, failure to provide reasonable medical care, negligence and failure to provide appropriate treatment. The statement of claim for the lawsuit indicates Chambers has medical bills in excess of a half-million dollars and that he needs personal care for the rest of his life, for which his expenses would be in the millions.

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