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Misread CT Scans Leads to Woman’s Death

In 2012, Maureen Rogers, 71, arrived by ambulance to a local hospital where she complained of stomach pain. She was initially diagnosed with gastritis, but the attending emergency room doctor also took the extra precaution of ordering a CT scan to check for heart abnormalities. The scan results allegedly showed no abnormality.

Rogers was discharged several hours later and was found dead in her home the next day. As a result of her sudden death, an inquest was held and it was discovered that the radiologist failed to diagnose an ultimately fatal heart condition, a dissected aorta. The inquest found there was no reason why the doctor made an incorrect diagnosis and stated in his report that there was no acute abnormality seen in the abdomen or chest. A dissected aorta is clearly seen on a CT scan.

In addition to the stress and grief this family suffered, they would have also been faced with large medical bills for the medical care provided, including paying for the ambulance trip to the hospital and funeral and burial expenses.

A solution for their financial difficulties could come in the form of litigation funding, otherwise known as pre-settlement funding or a lawsuit loan. Litigation funding is an emergency cash advance that allows plaintiffs in financial straits to get back on their feet while they are waiting for their case to be settled or to go to court.

In order to receive litigation funding, the plaintiff and their attorney must first submit the required case paperwork to a litigation funding company for approval. The case outlines all the facts and the suggested amount it may be settled for or what the plaintiff may be awarded in court. Once the application has been approved, the lawsuit loan arrives directly in the plaintiff’s bank account within 24 to 48 hours.

From there, the applicant may use the pre-settlement funding to spend on anything they want. However, most know that paying their immediate medical bills and staying current on all other financial obligations is the smart thing to do. It also makes good sense for them to hold funds for the duration of their wait for justice.

One of the highlights of having that money on hand is the fact that plaintiffs do not have to deal with insurance companies who want them to settle for far less than they could expect in court. Insurance companies are not in the business to settle high. They want to reduce, diminish or dismiss as many claims as possible.

With litigation funding in the bank, the plaintiff can ignore any insurance company overture to settle. Applying for a lawsuit loan is also a very user-friendly process, with service representatives to help every step of the way. They know that when a plaintiff applies for a lawsuit loan, they have been through the wringer and need help. Plaintiffs are treated with great respect and courtesy.

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