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Chicago Surgical Patient Alleges Medical Malpractice During Gall Bladder Surgery

Alfred Matthews went to the hospital for a routine gall bladder surgery. During his operation, the surgeon allegedly severed his common bile duct.

Matthews filed a personal injury lawsuit against the hospital Orland Park in Chicago, the surgeon Dr. James O’Donnell and two other named defendants doing business under Advocate Health and Hospitals Corporation. According to the statement of claim, the surgeon severed Matthews’ common bile duct during a laparoscopic procedure, then failed to switch to an open procedure to repair the error. As a result of the alleged medical negligence, Matthews had to submit to additional surgeries to repair the duct. He is seeking suitable compensation to cover the cost of his current and future medical treatments in addition to his pain and suffering.

The medical bills in this case would indeed be very high. The average American does not have access to the hundreds of thousands of dollars the surgeries, hospital time and other procedures demanded. In order to handle such staggering medical expenses while waiting for his case to go to court or reach a settlement, Matthews may find it worthwhile to search online for a lawsuit loan from a reputable litigation funding company.

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