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Driver Arrested in Hit-and-Run ATV Crash

A 30-year-old Oregon woman is speaking out after an ATV crash left her with a traumatic brain injury and her 27-year-old boyfriend dead.

Police said the couple was hit by another ATV in Winchester Bay over the Labor Day weekend. The woman was thrown 40 feet. She was taken to the hospital, where she spent nearly a week with a collapsed lung, broken ribs, fractured face, among other injuries — some which will affect her the rest of her life. She remembers nothing of the crash. Her boyfriend died at the scene.

The negligent driver and two passengers stopped briefly, before abandoning their ATV and fleeing the scene. The driver was apprehended a few days later and faces manslaughter, assault and hit-and-run charges. He died knowing anything about the crash. One passenger was cited for hindering prosecution. The other was not charged, but told deputies that he had been drinking with the driver before the crash.

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