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Pressure Sores, Necrotic Penis Contribute to Nursing Home Resident’s Death

Donald Shelton died in the Madison Health and Rehabilitation Center as a result of grave injuries. His estate is suing the facility for wrongful death and negligence.

Shelton, who was 78 at the time of his death, was a retired handyman. He had been a resident at the Stanton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center prior to being hospitalized. He was only there for three days when he was sent to Madison Health and Rehabilitation Center, a long-term care center. He arrived at that facility on June 6, 2015.

Shelton subsequently developed great difficulty breathing and sepsis and was sent to a hospital June 14, 2015. He died on the 15th of June. The statement of claim further alleged he was not assisted with oral health or given a bath during his short stay at the care facility.

According to court documents, when Shelton was admitted to the health care facility, it was discovered that he had two serious wounds, one on his right buttock and on his left heel. It is alleged that staff at the long-term care center did not reposition him often enough to halt the damage caused by pressure sores. As a result, when he was admitted, he had two gaping pressure sores that showed bone and muscle, and his genitalia were necrotic and black.

The wrongful death lawsuit states that even though Shelton was only in the care facility for eight days, he suffered a rapid and serious decline in health and that all the multiple named defendants should have provided sufficient, adequate and proper care, nursing services, and dietary requirements. The fact that Shelton was not moved enough or properly cared for is cited as a significant causative factor for emotional distress and the pain and suffering he coped with prior to death.

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