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Litigation Funding Is A Powerful Tool To Level The Playing Field and Remain In The Game

If you are an injured victim due to someone else’s negligence, it is in your best interest to find an experienced attorney who can help determine your rights. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is not about greed; it is about justice and fair compensation for victims. A personal injury lawsuit may also assist in preventing such negligent conduct from being repeated.

Often times, lawsuits take months, even years to resolve. Unfortunately, while an attorney is building the plaintiff’s case, the monthly bills will continue to arrive. Neither injury nor disability stops creditors from wanting to be paid. Defendants are financed by large insurance companies; their lawyers know the litigation game. They know many plaintiffs are often strapped for cash; they delay the case, exhaust those limited resources, and force plaintiffs deeper into debt. The more desperate a plaintiff becomes, the better the defendant likes it. Then, the defendant makes a low-ball offer.

While a plaintiff’s attorney says it is unfair compensation and hang in there for proper justice, that doesn’t pay the immediate medical expenses, mortgage/rent obligations, car payments, and monthly bills. Most plaintiffs won’t qualify for a bank loan, and typically friends and family can’t help. In times like this, plaintiffs don’t have to let the fact that the bills are becoming past due force them to settle for less than the compensation deserved. They don’t have to let it wreak havoc on their credit. Litigation funding can be the answer to level the playing field and staying in the game.

Litigation funding can provide cash now for your important bills and expenses (mortgage, rent, food, transportation, medical/hospital treatment, etc.) while giving your attorney the time he needs to get you full and fair compensation. Applying for lawsuit funding is free and easy. Once approved, funds can be available within 24-48 hours. Once the money is received, you can use it anyway you wish although it is typically meant to pay important bills such as medical expenses, the mortgage/rent, car payments, and daily living expenses. Litigation funding is also risk-free; it does not need to be repaid until you win your case, and if you lose, you owe nothing. Therefore, it places less financial pressure on you to settle for less than full case value.

If you are in a pending personal injury litigation, don’t give up because of financial pressures. Investigate the litigation funding services from Litigation Funding Corporation. Together with your attorney, we will work hard to get you appropriate justice.

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