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Litigation Funding Prevents Corporate Defense Attorneys From Forcing Plaintiffs To Settle Prematurely

When a victim has been involved in an accident involving a tractor trailer, it often times causes serious injuries leading to long-term medical treatment and or emotional and mental pain and suffering. During the litigation process, the victim’s attorney must prove the driver of the tractor trailer was negligent or careless at the time of the accident. This could take months, even years. While the victim’s attorney fights for compensation, litigation funding can help ease the financial burdens.

A West Virginia couple has filed a lawsuit against a trucking company and its driver alleging negligence after the woman’s vehicle was hit at a gas station, causing her serious injuries. The complaint alleges that the woman was parked in the parking lot of the gas station when the driver of the tractor trailer was turning around and struck her car. The lawsuit alleges that as a result the woman suffered physical and mental pain, loss of service and companionship, and incurred significant medical expenses. The plaintiffs request a trial by jury and seek an undisclosed amount in compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Litigation Funding Corporation may be able to provide the plaintiffs in this case with a lawsuit cash advance to help pay down medical expenses or help with other bills until they can reach a settlement offer. We make the application and approval process quick and easy. Plaintiffs can simply complete our online application or call our office. Once we have an application, Litigation Funding works with the plaintiffs’ attorney to gather the necessary information to review and process the funding request as quickly as possible. Because there is no need for a credit check or employment verification, approvals can often be made within 24 hours. Our only requirement is that the applicant be represented by an attorney and have a strong case has merit.

Litigation funding is provided on a non-recourse basis, so nothing is paid back until a settlement is reached. If, for some reason, the plaintiff does not win the case, the repayment is completely waived. It is no longer necessary to allow corporate defense attorneys to force a plaintiff to settle prematurely for a fraction of case value. If you are injured in a tractor trailer accident, and struggling financially, let litigation funding remove the financial pressure and gives you and your attorney the time needed to fully pursue your case.

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