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Mom Who Saw Son Die After Their Car Was Struck By A Tree Files Lawsuit

When trees cause harm in a weather related event, liability is a gray area. Since no one controls the weather, it is often not an issue of liability for the tree owner. On the contrary, if the property owners were negligent in caring and maintaining a tree, they can be held liable for serious injuries or death.

It was a stormy, windy night on December 11, 2014 when an Oregon woman’s car was struck by a tree. Investigators said after the tree fell on the vehicle, the female driver swerved and hit another tree. She and her 11-year-old son were trapped in the vehicle for some time before emergency responders could extricate them. The young boy died at the scene. The woman suffered serious injuries that led to multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation. She has not been able to return to work.

Two lawsuits have been filed against the property owners. The first suit was made on behalf of their son’s estate. The lawsuit seeks $500,000 for the boy’s pain and suffering, as well as $2 million for medical expenses, funeral expenses and future earnings over his expected lifespan. Recently, the woman filed a claim seeking $5 million for her emotional suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, counseling and other costs. Both lawsuits claim the property owners knew or should have known the cedar tree was dead and a grave risk to public safety. The suits allege the dangerous condition of the tree was obvious to any “reasonable person” who looked at it because it showed signs of “damage or decay, including substantial discoloration.”

Seeking compensation will not bring this child back or take away the pain and suffering this woman has endured, but it will help cover funeral expenses, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Unfortunately, tragedies like this will often cause family members to struggle financially because such cases can be contentious and often take years to resolve. With a solid lawsuit as collateral, the couple could apply for a litigation funding; an emergency cash advance to keep afloat financially while awaiting a settlement.

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