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See Your Auto Accident Lawsuit Through to the End with a No-Risk Lawsuit Cash Advance

When you have been involved in an auto accident, especially one that results in serious injuries, it is important to understand your rights and the process of seeking compensation. Many victims are under the pretense that when filing a claim the insurance company will be on their side. Unfortunately, the opposite is true – the insurance adjuster number one interest is paying the least mount as possible in claims. They will deny, delay, and defend the claim as long as possible. They know that if they hold out long enough, you may become financially desperate to settle for less than full case value.

An auto accident attorney can significantly improve the chances of your claim resolving successfully. However, even with the help of an attorney, many auto accident claims don’t settle quickly. Being injured is bad enough, but when you are unable to work, life becomes much harder. As bills begin to pile up and you start feeling pressure to settle, what other options do you have?

At Litigation Funding Corporation, we provide financial assistance to plaintiffs in need of short-term financial relief. Our litigation funding services are a fast cash lifeline to give you and your attorney all the time necessary to achieve the best settlement results.

A lawsuit cash advance can be used for anything you need. While there are not restrictions, most victims use the money to pay the mortgage/rent, medical expenses, auto payments, utility bills, and daily household needs such as groceries. The best part of obtaining litigation funding is that repayment is only made if you settle or win your lawsuit. If the case is lost, you are under no obligation to repay the cash advance.

If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident you may have a right to financial compensation. Begin by scheduling a free case consultation with an experienced attorney to ensure your rights are protected and you receive fair and just compensation that you are entitled. Once you have retained an attorney, if you need financial assistance to see your case through to the end, contact Litigation Funding Corporation at 1-866-LIT-FUND for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced lawsuit funding specialists.

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