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Litigation Funding Provides Plaintiffs Financial Support to see Their Case to Completion

After an auto accident, injured victims have a lot to worry about — physical injuries, medical bills, and unpaid time off from work. Working with the insurance company will mostly likely be difficult and time-consuming task. They know you’re in a vulnerable position, and usually will take advantage of that fact. A common strategy for insurance companies is to make a “low ball” offer; you should only settle for what you deserve.

An auto accident attorney helps victims navigate through the process so that just compensation is reached. However, a long and complicated legal process often causes financial hardship. Securing pre-settlement litigation funding can help with expenses so plaintiffs don’t have to suffer financially while a case is litigated.

Litigation funding provides plaintiffs in civil suits with a cash advance to help them weather financial hardships during a pending claim. It has several benefits over a traditional bank loan. Where a traditional loan implies monthly payments, litigation funding requires no payments to be made until a settlement is reached. If a plaintiff fails to recover damages, the “lawsuit loan” does not need to be repaid. Additionally, it is not necessary to be employed or have good credit to obtain litigation funding. The strength of the case and the likelihood of its success is our only concern when making a funding decision.

If you are a plaintiff in a pending lawsuit, don’t let financial distress force you to settle for less than you deserve. After applying for litigation funding, Litigation Funding Corporation will usually be able to provide a funding decision within 24 – 48 hours. Click here to complete an application or to request a free, no-obligation consultation.

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