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Family Files Lawsuit Alleging Nursing Home Negligence After Resident Dies From Smoking Injurie

When you place your elderly loved one in a nursing home facility, it typically follows much consideration as to the needs of the elderly. You want to make sure that your loved one will be well-cared for and safe. Adequate supervision is crucial in protecting the safety of residents. Failure to do so is considered neglect and can result in injury, even death. A lawsuit may be the only way to seek justice and compensation for one’s loss. It may also be a means to improve safety and quality of care.

The family of a Pennsylvania man with Bipolar Disorder and Parkinson’s disease has filed a lawsuit against the nursing home where the man resided after he died from injuries sustained while smoking at the facility.

The patient needed assistance to eat, get dressed, and for personal hygiene, and was wheel-chair bound. He allegedly left the dining hall and went on a 9th floor balcony to smoke. The man was alone when an employee across the hall noticed the man was engulfed in flames, apparently after a paper ad plastic food shield he was wearing caught fire. The man was transported to a medical center where he was treated for serious burns, but he died less than a month later.

Smokers typically used a communal area on the ground floor with lighters attached to the walls, but the facility allegedly allowed residents to smoke on balconies following a recent Norovirus outbreak. In the case of this patient, however, he should not have been allowed to smoke unsupervised. In 2014, he endured an accidental cigarette burn and was transitioned from unsupervised smoking status to supervised.

The lawsuit alleges the nursing home was negligent in failing to protect its residents from avoidable accidents and allowing the man to smoke unsupervised. The lawsuit cites a Department of Health & Human Services report that found the nursing home did not meet state requirements and failed to provide a safe environment for residents who smoke. The report found that of those smokers interviewed, 30 percent suffered injuries. The plaintiff seeks for more than $150,000 in damages.

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