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Surgeon with Parkinson’s Accused of Gross Malpractice

An Iowa neurosurgeon was accused of gross malpractice.

The surgeon in question in this case was accused of “gross malpractice” by state regulators. The Iowa Board of Medicine filed charges against him in 2015. Those charges included his alleged inappropriate management of leaking spinal fluid for post-recovery patients, his failure to prevent an excessive number of infections and failing to have another physician care for his patients when he was not available.

As a result of the findings by the Board and a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, the 50-year-old physician stopped performing surgery but continues to offer other services such as consultations, independent medical exams and medical record reviews. He also repaid a sum of money he had been overpaid for services, which was allegedly due to an office billing error.

Not all states recognize the concept of gross negligence. Those states that recognize gross negligence define it as “substantially and appreciably more unreasonable behavior than ordinary negligence.”

When a finding of gross negligence is determined, it has an impact on plaintiff’s damages. If a plaintiff proves a defendant was grossly negligent, they may be entitled to additional damages — either enhanced compensatory damages or punitive damages.

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