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Brakeman Accuses Transportation Company of Negligence

In a split second, your life can be changed forever by the carelessness or negligence of someone else. Personal injury victims often experience severe injuries and disabilities, leading to steep medical bills, an inability to work, difficulty paying for basic living expenses, and financial and emotional stress. Meanwhile, the litigation process can take years, time most plaintiffs don’t have. Litigation Funding Corporation can help by providing a non-recourse cash advance.

A Texas man has filed a lawsuit against a transportation company alleging failure to provide employees with a reasonably safe working environment.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff alleges that while employed as a brakeman on a switching crew, he was run over by three locomotives that were hooked together as he was crossing the main lead. As a result, his legs were amputated below his knees.

The suit states that the defendant failed to issue audible warning from the locomotive, failed to properly train employees, failed to properly supervise its agents, and allowed unsafe work practices to become the standard. The plaintiff seeks a trial by jury and undisclosed compensation for physical injuries, emotional pain, loss of earnings and medical expenses.

Despite the fact that our legal system can help plaintiffs receive the compensation deserved, it is usually not a quick and easy process. Insurance companies will regularly put up a fight when it comes to paying people what they should. They will usually do this by stalling the case hoping the plaintiff will run out of money and agree to a less than favorable settlement. The emotional, mental and physical stress is enough to deal with; the last thing this man needs to worry about is how to keep up with his financial obligations until a fair settlement is reached. In cases such as this one, victims may be eligible for litigation funding.

When justice is slow in coming, a lawsuit cash advance can be the means to stay financially afloat. All that a plaintiff needs is an experienced personal injury lawsuit and a strong case with a high probability of success. Applying for litigation funding can be done online or with a quick phone call.

Once we receive an application and case documentation, the review and decision process is typically handled within one day, and funds can be available for use within 24 – 48 hours of approval. Repayment is only made after the case settles; if the case is lost, repayment of the lawsuit cash advance is excused.

If you are in a pending personal injury claim and need financial assistance, call Litigation Funding Corporation. We may have the mechanism you need to pay your bills, keep your credit standing, and fight for your rights.

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