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Pre-Settlement Funding: A Powerful Tool for Plaintiffs to Plaintiffs to Meet Pressing Financial Demands

September 11, 2014

A personal injury can leave victims in financial ruin, but pre-settlement funding can help plaintiffs wait for justice.

All too often, plaintiffs with a legitimate claim face powerful insurance companies or large corporations with deep pockets to withstand the litigation process. On the other hand, plaintiffs have fewer resources, and if seriously injured may be faced with considerable medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial burdens. Powerful defendants know this and will purposely deny, delay, and defend a claim as a way to put extra monetary burden on plaintiffs. When this happens, plaintiffs might be influenced to settle quickly and for less than case value. Often times, pre-settlement funding can help plaintiffs obtain justice they deserve.

What is pre-settlement funding?
Pre-settlement funding is a cash advance that provides plaintiffs in the pending lawsuit emergency cash against the expected proceeds of their settlement.

Who can apply for pre-settlement funding?
Any personal injury victim who has retained an experience attorney and has filed a personal injury lawsuit can apply for pre-settlement funding.

When should a plaintiff apply for pre-settlement funding?
Typically, plaintiffs will apply for pre-settlement funding when a case is long and drawn out and there is an immediate financial need.

Why should a plaintiff apply for pre-settlement funding?
A plaintiff should consider pre-settlement funding when the case is long and drawn out, the bills are piling up, and there is no other sources of cash – savings, family, friends, etc. – to tap into.

How does the funding company determine if a plaintiff can obtain pre-settlement funding?
Once a plaintiff applies for pre-settlement funding, the funding company will contact the plaintiff’s attorney for case documentation. The only requirement for approval is a case with merit. If the case is deemed to have merit, funds will be awarded based on case value. There are no credit checks or employment verifications.

How can pre-settlement funding be used?
Pre-settlement funding can be used for anything the plaintiff deems fit, but is typically used to pay the essentials – medical expenses, mortgage or rent payments, tuition, auto payments, groceries, as well other necessities.

Why can’t plaintiffs apply for a traditional bank loan?
Most traditional banks will not provide a loan against a lawsuit. Additionally, banks require monthly payments, credit checks, and employment verification, as well as the promise to pay back the loan whether or not the plaintiff wins the case.

When is the funding company paid back?
Once the legal proceeding is finished and a settlement has been reached, the funding company is repaid from the proceeds of the lawsuit.

Can plaintiffs prepay the cash advance?
Plaintiffs can pay back the cash advance at any time prior to settlement without penalty.

What if the plaintiff loses the case?
Because pre-settlement funding is provided on a non-recourse basis, if the plaintiff loses the case, the lawsuit cash advance is completely waived.

With a lawsuit cash advance in hand, plaintiffs can avoid debt and jeopardizing their credit, stay financially afloat, and provide time for their attorney to obtain a larger, fairer settlement. If you are in a pending personal injury lawsuit and seeking financial assistance until your case settles, consider pre-settlement funding. Call for more details or apply online.

After the Lawsuit Is Filed it may be Time to Apply for Lawsuit Funding

August 14, 2014

Thousands of innocent victims are injured or die due to the negligence of someone else. These unfortunate events can result from an auto accident, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, slip and fall, or product liability. Often times, the more serious the injury, the harder it will be for a plaintiff to withstand the litigation process. A seriously injured plaintiff, especially one who is out of work or requires around-the-clock care may be forced to settle too early for too little compensation in order to pay medical expenses, the mortgage or rent, auto payments, and daily living expenses. A plaintiff represented by an attorney, is eligible for lawsuit funding, a non-recourse cash advance based on the potential value of the pending lawsuit.

Litigation can be expensive, sometimes incredibly expensive. Lawsuit funding helps plaintiffs go the distance without being forced to accept anything less than a fair settlement. Many plaintiffs will be out of work for weeks, months, even years; they will not have the income during their recovery period. Lawsuit funding is sometimes their only access to cash; many victims do not have good credit and/or income to qualify them for a traditional loan. Traditional loans also require monthly payments which may be difficult for plaintiffs injured, disabled and without income. By removing a plaintiff’s financial burden, lawsuit funding enables a lawsuit to be resolved on its true merits.

Lawsuit funding is not for everyone, but for many plaintiffs it is the only hope pay their bills while maintaining their fight for fair compensation. If you have been involved in a personal injury lawsuit, have filed a claim, and need financial assistance to pay the bills and/or avoid foreclosure, contact Litigation Funding Corp. We offer free, no obligation funding advice and case evaluations. All that is required for funding approval is legal representation and a case with merit. Once we evaluate your case, if you are approved for funding, we can usually wire cash into your bank account within 24 hours. Then, pay your bills and focus on healing while your attorney focuses on your case. Lawsuit funding really is a quick and easy, no-risk solution during your financial time of need.

When Facing Financial Hardship, Explore Your Options with Lawsuit Funding

June 12, 2014

If you are like hundreds of plaintiffs who are barely able to pay the bills while in a pending lawsuit, there is no reason to settle for less than your case is worth. Complete an online application to explore your options with lawsuit funding.

Faced with a loss of financial resources and possibly dealing with severe injuries and/or loss of employment, without the help of lawsuit funding a plaintiff may have no choice but to settle their lawsuit for less than fair case value. Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance that enables plaintiffs to receive fast cash months or years before their case settles. It can also help to prevent damage to a client’s credit score. Unlike a bank loan, there are no application fees, credit checks, employment verification, or monthly payments. Because funding is based solely on the merits of the case, once approved, cash can be available in as little as 24 hours. The cash advance is only repaid upon a successful verdict or settlement. If the plaintiff does not receive a favorable settlement or positive award, the cash advance does not need to be repaid.

Litigation Funding Corp. have been helping clients for over 14 years; we may be able to help you, too. Call or visit us online to learn how our lawsuit funding services may benefit your case and provide the financial security you need today.

Worry-Free, Risk-Free Fast Cash for Your Pending Lawsuit

May 20, 2014

Those unfortunate enough to be injured due to the negligence of someone else, may have the right to compensation. Many victims are left with serious injuries and unable to return to work. With medical expenses piling up, litigation funding is a great way to obtain emergency cash in order to get out of a financial pinch.

When filing a personal injury lawsuit, injured victims never expect it to drag out for months; after all, the case appeared to be “clear-cut.” Unfortunately, the insurance company will drag its feet in the interest of protecting their bottom line while you are suffering significant financial hardship. In addition to the medical bills and other expenses associated with the injuries, plaintiffs may have mortgage, rent, and/or auto payments, as well as daily household expenses. The financial pressure can leave plaintiffs feeling like the only option is to accept an early settlement for less than full case value. This vulnerable position can be avoided with a lawsuit cash advance. The money advanced is provided in return for a promise to repay after the lawsuit settles or the jury rules in your favor. Because the funding company accepts all the risk, litigation funding gives plaintiffs instant access to cash 100% risk-free. If the plaintiff is unsuccessful, they repayment is waived; the funding company collects absolutely nothing. With litigation funding, plaintiffs can fight for restitution for as long as it takes to win.

If you or someone you loved has been involved in a personal injury lawsuit and struggling financially, consider litigation funding. We offer a free, no-hassle application, and do not charge upfront fees or monthly payments. Because funding is based solely on the strength of the case, we do not need a credit check or employment history. Applications are accepted online or over the phone. Once received, we will contact your attorney for additional information to determine case merit and funding amount. If approved, funds can be available in as little as 24 hours and wired directly into your bank account or sent overnight.

For more information on how you can benefit from our litigation funding, contact one of our experienced funding intake specialist today.

Litigation Funding Gives You and Your Family Financial Comfort

April 24, 2014

Being involved in a lawsuit is often an overwhelming and stressful process, both emotionally and financially. It is possible to wait months, even years before the case is fully resolved. The last thing a plaintiff wants to do is worry about medical bills, lost wages from missed work, and daily living expenses. When all resources have been tapped, but the bills are still unpaid, litigation funding can provide financial comfort between when an attorney files the case and a settlement is reached.

Many victims do not follow through with a claim because they do not have the finances withstand a long legal process. Litigation funding can change that as it gives a victim time, financial comfort, and – nothing to lose. Funding can be approved in as little as twenty-four to forty-eight hours, and there is nothing to lose because the cash advance is only repaid once the case settles. It is important to note that litigation funding is not a loan; there is no need to put up assets as collateral and bad credit does not hurt the chances of funding approval. The only factor considered is the strength of the lawsuit.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by mounting medical bills and other expenses while in the midst of a lawsuit, consider litigation funding. Simply complete our online contact form or call our office to apply. If approved, the cash advance can be used for anything – paying the mortgage/rent, auto payments, child care, tuition, medical expenses, groceries, utility bills, and more.

Unsure if litigation funding is right for your case? Call a legal funding professional today. You could be on the road to financial freedom tomorrow.

Scooter Accident Plaintiffs Can Benefit from Litigation Funding

April 15, 2014

Scooter accidents are often caused by irregularities in roadways, but they may also occur as a result of an automobile. Due to its size, scooter may not be seen in a rear view or side of a vehicle. Driver distractions may also lead to an accident. In any event, scooter accidents can cause life-threatening physical injuries or death that can lead to unforeseeable medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life.

An elderly man riding an electronic scooter has died after being struck by a vehicle exiting a parking lot. The investigation is ongoing, but police do not believe speed and alcohol were contributing factors.

Although this is a difficult time for the victim’s family, if they believe the accident resulted from driver negligence, the family should consult with an attorney who can help preserve their legal rights and obtain a maximum settlement for their loss. While going through the legal process, if the family experiences financial problems, they should consider litigation funding.

Litigation funding is a no-risk cash advance on the expected proceeds of the case. With a lawsuit cash advance, plaintiffs stay financially afloat during the litigation process so they can fight for all the money they deserve. Qualifying is easy! There is no credit check, no employment verification, and no upfront fees. Once approved, the lawsuit cash advance can be used for anything you need – pay the mortgage or rent, funeral and burial expenses, medical bills, and daily household expenses. Best of all, since litigation funding is NOT a lawsuit loans, there are no monthly payments and repayment is only made after the case settles. If the funded client loses, the repayment is completely waived.

Litigation funding puts cash in your hands when you need it most – to avoid a low settlement offer, home foreclosure, auto repossession, ruined credit, and bankruptcy. If you have a personal injury or wrongful death claim and need money now, we may be able to put money in your hands now so you can pay your bills and other financial obligations. It takes less than five minutes to apply online; we will do the rest.

Three Lawsuits Allege Negligence in House Fire that Killed Nine

March 25, 2014

If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one due to unsafe premises or a defective product or equipment, you have the right to seek compensation for all damages and injuries that may have occurred. If you retain a lawyer to pursue litigation, you also have the right to seek lawsuit funding.

Three lawsuits allege that a Charleston property owner failed to install, inspect, and maintain smoke alarms and was negligent in addressing recurring electrical problems resulting in a house fire that killed eight children and one adult. Although a building commissioner had said that only one smoke detector was in the house and it was not working or installed properly, investigators could not determine how the 2012 fire began and ruled the cause “undetermined.” The lawsuits seek monetary compensation, funeral expenses, and punitive damages.

Tragedies like this one will often cause leave family members struggling financially to pay the bills associated with the death of a loved one. This tragedy was two years ago and the wrongful death lawsuits could take months, even year, to resolve. One vehicle to help this family financially is a lawsuit cash advance. Lawsuit funding is a plaintiff’s leverage; it helps pay the bills and “buys” time until a fair settlement can be reached. With a solid lawsuit as collateral, lawsuit funding can keep relieve the financial pressure and prevent resolving the lawsuit too soon, for too little.

Applying for lawsuit funding is easy and free; legal finance applications can be made online or by telephone, toll free. Once approved, funding can be available within 24-48 hours. The plaintiff pays no monthly fees and is under no obligation to repay the lawsuit cash advance until the case resolves successfully. If the case is lost, the obligation is completely excused. With lawsuit funding there is not need to accept an inadequate offer by the insurance company. For more information on lawsuit funding, visit us online or call us toll-free at 1-866-548-3863.

Litigation Funding Makes the Difference

March 10, 2014

Scenario 1:
Michael was seriously injured in an auto accident and filed a lawsuit against the negligent driver. His injuries left him unable to return to work, but he savings to tap into to pay the bills. Unfortunately, the money ran out within six months. Unable to obtain a bank loan, he felt forced to settle for less than he deserved in order to maintain his credit and keep his home.

Scenario 2:
James was seriously injured in an auto accident and filed a lawsuit against the negligent driver. He had no savings and could not qualify for a bank loan. Instead, James applied for litigation funding to help pay the bills. When the case was delayed, James was able to apply for, and receive, an additional cash advance. At no time did he jeopardize his credit standing. When the case eventually settled, James paid back the cash advance from the proceeds of his case; his credit remained intact.

Too often, financial pressures lead plaintiffs to settle before considering the repercussions of ongoing medical expenses and other expenses directly related to the accident. They lose their one shot to obtain full and fair compensation. While litigation funding is not for everyone, it can make a difference for plaintiffs who are not in a financial position to wait until a settlement is reached.

If unpaid bills are mounting while your lawsuit drags on and on, there is a solution. Contact Litigation Funding Corp. Thousands of people have used our services and are glad they did. There are no costs associated with a litigation funding application. You do not have to make any monthly payments or pay any upfront fees. The cash advance is only repaid when the case successfully settles; if you have the misfortune of losing your case, repayment is excused. These lawsuit cash advances are completely contingent on the outcome of your case. To apply simply complete an online application or call our office toll-free. We make the impossible, possible!

Pending Cases Benefit with Pre-Settlement Funding

March 3, 2014

We all are aware that thousands of innocent people suffer from a personal injury every year, but no one imagines that it could ever happen to them or someone they love. Depending on the type and the severity of the injury, medical expenses can reach thousands of dollars or more, pain and suffering can last years, and some injuries can put a victim out of work for life.

When the injury is due to the actions or negligence or another person or entity, the victim may pursue a personal injury lawsuit to receive financial compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, long or short term disabilities, even redress for emotional or psychological injuries.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is about justice and receiving fair compensation to help a victim cover medical, funeral expenses, long term care, and/or loss of wages, but it can also help prevent such negligence from being repeated. Unfortunately, many times these lawsuits will take months, even years to resolve causing injured victims to feel forced, by financial circumstances, to consider settlements too early and for too little. Pre-settlement funding prevents this from happening.

Pre-settlement funding relieves financial pressures which could motivate injured plaintiffs to accept a settlement offer well below what they deserve. It is a no-risk lawsuit cash advance, NOT a loan; there is no obligation to repay if the case is lost.

With a pre-settlement cash advance, plaintiffs buy precious time to develop their case and allow their attorney the time need to negotiate a fair settlement. If you need financial staying power to pursue your case, lawsuit funding may be an option. Complete the online application or call out professional, pro-justice staff for a free, no-obligation consultation.

A Lawsuit is Stressful Enough; Let Lawsuit Funding Ease the Financial Challenges

February 11, 2014

Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be emotionally, physically, and financially stressful, but what happens when the negligence leads to serious injury, loss of income, or other damages? A lawsuit is intended to compensate innocent victims, but the lawsuit can take months, even years to work its way through the legal process. In the meantime, a plaintiff may be faced with mounting bills – medical expenses, mortgage or rent payments, auto payments, tuition, or daily household expenses especially one who has suffered an injury and cannot return to work. For some, even putting food on the table can be a challenge.

Lawsuit funding is not a familiar term to many people involved in a lawsuit, yet it can make the difference in a plaintiff’s financial well-being. Plaintiffs have fewer resources than the large corporations and insurance companies putting the plaintiff in a vulnerable position, especially when a case drags on for years. When a deep-pocket defendant delays proceedings or drags out a case, it makes a financially strapped plaintiff vulnerable, and one who will consider accepting a less than favorable settlement. Lawsuit funding provides the much needed cash when the plaintiff needs it most. With a lawsuit cash advance, the victim can focus on seeking treatment and healing from injuries, rather than worrying about how to pay the mortgage or feed the family.

Plaintiffs may be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance at any point between when s/he filed a lawsuit and the time the case is settled. Obtaining funding is quick and easy with no credit checks or employment verification. Additionally, there are no monthly fees or other out-of-pocket expenses. With the cooperation of the plaintiff’s attorney, an application can be reviewed and approved in as little as 24 hours. Best of all, lawsuit funding is provided on a non-recourse basis meaning repayment is only made once the case successfully settles; if the plaintiff loses the case, repayment is waived.

If you are in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit and need financial assistance, lawsuit funding may be the right choice for you. For more information, call Litigation Funding Corp. at 1-866-548-3863 or visit us online.

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