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Obtaining cash is easy as 1-2-3. Here is our 3 Step ‘FLASHCASH’ PROCESS:

Cash in a Flash

1. Easy On-Line application or toll free call to 1-866-LITFUND. (See links below to get started.)
2. Request information by fax, email from your attorney.
3. Receive and evaluate information received from your attorney & approve funding after contract approval then wiring funds or overnight a check.

Select the funding type below, then submit the appropriate forms online, or print and mail or fax them. (Printable forms require acrobat reader, download acrobat reader here.)

Litigation Funding

1. New Funding Intake Form: APPLY ONLINE | Printable form

2. Attorney Questionnaire: Online questionnaire | Printable questionnaire
Attorney Questionnaire (workers comp cases only): Online questionnaire | Printable questionnaire

3. Submit Case Paperwork: Submit a copy of the complaint along with any medical or support claims as if you were submitting a settlement demand package for an insurance company, or a mediation summary for a mediation panel.

Structured Settlement Funding

1. Worksheet: Online worksheet | Printable worksheet
2. Submit Case Paperwork: Please submit structured settlement agreement and underlying annuity.

Direct to Attorney Funding

1. Attorney Advance Form: Online version | Printable version
2. Submit Case Paperwork: Please submit supporting documents for the cases that will be used as collateral.

Inheritance Funding

Call 1-866-LIT-FUND for details

Fax or mail paperwork to:

Litigation Funding Corporation
29777 Telegraph Road, Suite 1310
Southfield, MI 48034
248-948-1802 (fax)

One of our Financial Representatives will be in contact with you once you have submitted the information. If you have any questions, please contact Litigation Funding at 1-866-LIT-FUND or email us.

Litigation Funding