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Man Drowns After Being Knocked Down By Huge Wave in Water Pool

February 5, 2015

A wrongful death case involving the death of a man in a wave pool with his two young daughters occurred during a 2011 holiday. A wave struck 44-year-old Patrick Page while riding in an inner tube, and the force of the impact knocked him out of the tube.

Although Page was only in three feet of water in the Wisconsin Dells’ Wild WaterDome, several other resort guests discovered him face down in the pool. They were attempting to pull him out of the water when lifeguards arrived and began CPR.

Though emergency responders arrived at the scene within minutes, they were unable to revive the father of two. Page’s family chose to file a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that resort staff were negligent because they were not properly trained, and did not follow proper safety procedures. The suit seeks loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and medical, funeral and burial expenses.

The sudden death of Patrick Page likely posed an enormous shock for the family, emotionally and financially. The loss of the breadwinner created a very difficult financial situation, with two small children left behind needing both care and guidance. The family still had to take care of their usual bills, in addition to funeral and burial expenses.

It is not easy to find several thousand dollars to pay for a funeral and deal with all the other financial matters that crop up when someone dies. The best way to cope with such an enormous burden would be to apply for litigation funding. Litigation funding is an emergency cash loan to a plaintiff who has filed a personal injury lawsuit with the assistance of an attorney.

This pre-settlement funding is a lifesaver for financially strapped plaintiffs, and allows them the peace and time to recover from their ordeal. A lawsuit loan also covers every important bill that needs to be paid – those relating to the father’s death, as well as those usual bills every family has, such as the mortgage, rent or car payments.

Qualified plaintiffs receive their funding within 48 hours or less, provided they have supplied the name of their attorney of record. When insurance companies come calling to ask the plaintiff to settle up as soon as possible, a lawsuit loan allows the family resources to wait until their case receives a fair hearing in court or proceeds to settlement.

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