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Possible Distracted Driving Seriously Injures Passenger

February 15, 2012

Any time a vehicle leaves the road and no one else is in sight at the time, you have to wonder what the driver was doing.

This case involves yet another baffling single vehicle accident ramming into a tree. That is hard to do if you are paying attention to your driving. It appears that in this case, the driver of the UPS truck involved in this wreck may well have been driving while distracted. The police investigation will reveal more.

Here is what happened. The UPS truck went flying off an embankment, went airborne and rammed into a tree. As it was airborne, a passenger was ejected, who became pinned between the truck and tree for over 30 minutes as rescue crews worked to get him freed. The passenger was taken to the nearest hospital with life-threatening injuries and the driver was treated at the scene with minor injuries.

While police do not think the UPS driver was drunk, there are questions remaining about how the vehicle happened to go off the road that need to be cleared up. The seriously injured passenger will need the answers to those questions in order to help build a personal injury case to obtain damages for his injuries. Depending on how severe the trauma was, the passenger may face life in a wheelchair, or worse. This would mean the damages awarded may be high, to reflect how the individual’s life was ruined because of an accident.

The long road to recovery for the passenger will begin by filing a personal injury lawsuit and trying to find enough cash to make it until trial. Cases like this often take a long time to be settled, and the plaintiff will need funds quickly to handle hospital bills, possible therapy, lost wages and other important bills like the mortgage, car payments and/or student loans.

Where is the plaintiff going to be able to find the kind of money needed to handle the hospital bills and everything else? The victim may wish to pursue lawsuit funding, which is a non-recourse cash advance against their pending lawsuit. This funding assists a victim who is waiting for compensation from a personal injury lawsuit and who needs cash right away. Litigation funding is fast cash and is not like a traditional loan as there are no upfront fees or payments to be made every month. You only repay the pre-settlement funding when you win your case.

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