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San Francisco Tour Bus Involved In Crash Was Never Inspected By The California Highway Patrol

November 17, 2015

Twenty people were injured, including four critically, after an open-air double-decker tour bus collided with several vehicles at a construction site for a new Apple store in downtown San Francisco. Two of the critically injured suffered major head injuries and one has an extremely serious broken leg. Five of the 20 injured remain hospitalized.

Witnesses told police that the driver of the bus was driving erratically and speeding for at least two blocks before hitting a bicyclist, pedestrians and striking several moving cars before slamming into scaffolding at the construction site. Victims were pinned beneath the bus and fallen scaffolding. The bus also knocked down several power lines used to propel the city’s fleet of electrical buses.

City Sightseeing’s CEO Christian Watts issued a statement saying that the company inspects its vehicles every 45 days or less, and the bus that crashed was last inspected Oct. 25. Also, that the bus is registered with the DMV. However, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) maintains a list of all tour vehicles that carry more than 11 passengers in California and said the bus was not registered, therefore the California Highway Patrol never inspected the bus that crashed. City Sightseeing has been previously investigated by the CPUC for insurance and ownership issues, and was fined for failing to produce records during a safety audit. The tour company‚Äôs permit was revoked in 2013, but it is currently operating under a new one.

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