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Lawsuits Begin after 86 Children Sickened by Staph Found in Daycare Food Samples

June 29, 2015

Following an illness outbreak likely caused by Staph at a Montgomery, Alabama daycare, multiple lawsuits have been filed on behalf of the parents of children affected. The lawsuits allege that the children became ill after consuming contaminated food because the child care facility did not use proper procedures while preparing, serving and storing the food.

The Alabama State Department of Health said four out of eight food samples from the items served during the lunch hour at two Sunny Side Daycare Center were positive for the Staphylococcus aureus toxin. The results of nine additional samples are still pending. Both daycare locations will remain closed until the investigation is complete. Overall, 86 children under the age of 10 sought treatment at area hospitals and 30 of those were hospitalized.

A daycare facility should be held accountable for hurting these children; it is only right for their parents to be properly compensated. The litigation process can be physically and emotionally draining for both the children and the parents. It may also be financially difficult especially with medical expenses. Litigation funding can help these victims fight for justice. With a lawsuit cash advance, they won’t have to be swayed by a tempting low settlement offer nor will they have to go through hassles that usually are involved with a traditional bank loan. Qualification for funding is based solely on the merits of the lawsuit. A reputable company charges no upfront fees and no monthly payments; there are no credit checks or employment verifications. Best of all, if the plaintiff loses his/her case the litigation funding company relinquishes the cash advance; the plaintiff owes nothing.

A lawsuit cash advance is easy to apply for either by phone or online. After case-evaluation, if approved, funds can be available within 24 – 48 hours. Call Litigation Funding Corporation or visit us online to find out how lawsuit funding can empower you to pursue your case to get the maximum settlement you deserve.

Bar Owner Could be Liable for Drunk Driver

February 3, 2015

With fatal auto accidents, lawsuits are often filed against a negligent driver, but in certain cases, local businesses can also be held liable. Thirty states, including Indiana, have statutory provisions that allow licensed establishments such as restaurants, bars, and liquor stores to be held liable for selling or serving alcohol to individuals who cause injuries or death as a result of their intoxication. Victims and their families should promptly seek legal counsel to determine fault and obtain compensation. Losing a family member is devastating enough, but may also be accompanied by immediate expenses, such as medical bills and funeral and burial expenses. After a suit is filed, if the plaintiff needs financial assistance to withstand during a lengthy litigation process, seeking litigation funding may be the answer.

On July 28, 2012, a vehicle struck a utility pole and flipped over. The driver was thrown from the vehicle; he was not wearing a seatbelt. Luckily, he survived the accident, but is passengers did not. The 32-year-old man left the scene and went home where he did call 911. He told police he did so because he could not find his phone at the site of the accident. When police arrived at the scene, they found three other bodies – the driver’s wife and another couple – which had been thrown from the vehicle. All three were not wearing seatbelts.
The sole survivor claimed his wife was driving the CJ7 Jeep at the time of the crash when a deer ran into the roadway causing the accident. But, a jury recently ruled differently charging him on three counts of causing death while operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .15 or greater.

Now the families of the deceased have filed civil lawsuits claiming Salt Creek Brewery provided alcoholic beverages to the man knowing he was intoxicated. The suits claims the group was on their way home from the brewery when the fatal accident occurred. All are asking the court to “award a judgment sufficient to compensate for loss of love and companionship, incurred medical expenses, funeral expenses and burial expenses and all other relief as is just and proper in the premises.” Jury trials are scheduled later this year.

Lawsuits like this are about holding all responsible, including restaurants and bars, fully accountable for their actions. The bar will likely mount a vigorous defense causing the lawsuits to drag out for months, if not years. For plaintiffs who feel they cannot financially wait to seek justice, litigation funding can help.
Litigation funding is a non-recourse cash advance for those who need immediate cash to avoid settling a case too soon, for less than full case value. The only collateral required is a pending lawsuit. There are no credit checks or employment verifications, and unlike a bank loan, there are no monthly payments. The application takes less than five minutes; approvals typically take less than 48 hours. Litigation funding is risk-free; repayment is contingent on the outcome of the case meaning if the case is lost, repayment is excused. Call Litigation Funding Corporation today for a free, no-obligation consultation or to apply.

Leverage your Future Lawsuit Settlement for Today’s Financial Security

January 27, 2015

In mere seconds, an auto accident has changed your life forever. In a perfect world, your accident claim would settle quickly and fairly, especially if liability is clear. But as many have learned the hard way, insurance companies are slow to settle, and litigation may extend for many months before a single penny is recovered. While you are injured and out of work, it’s easy to fall behind on your bills. Mortgage payments, medical expenses, car payments, and utility bills only add anxiety to an already stressful time. Your attorney said it will take time to reach a full and fair settlement, but time is obviously not on your side. You could settle with the insurance company now, knowing it is a low settlement offer or you could apply for litigation funding.

What is litigation funding?
Litigation funding is a cash advance provided to plaintiffs who are involved in pending lawsuit and through no fault of their own, need financial assistance, but do not qualify for a traditional bank loan.

What do you need to apply?
All you need is attorney representation and a strong case. There is no credit check or employment verification, and the application is totally free. You never pay a dime until you settle your case, at which time repayment is made through the proceeds of the settlement.

How do you begin?
The application process is quick and easy; just click here or call our office toll-free at 1-866-548-3863. Once we receive your application, we will contact your attorney for a few details of your case. Next, our underwriters will evaluate your case and if approved, funds can be available in as little as 24 hours.

What can you use the money for?
No matter what type of injury you sustained, the money can be used any way you would like, but it is recommended that it be used for “emergency” needs, such as medical expenses, mortgage, car payments, or daily living expenses.

What if you lose your case?
One of the biggest incentive for most plaintiffs lies in the risk-free nature of legal funding. You are you’re under no obligation to repay the money if you lose your case!

If you’ve been harmed in an auto accident and need help paying your bills, don’t wait until you are on the brink of disaster and don’t accept a low settlement offer just to keep your home and put food on the table. Call Litigation Funding Corporation and let us help you leverage your future payout for today’s financial security.

Why does a Plaintiff involved in Personal Injury Litigation need Lawsuit Funding?

January 19, 2015

A lawsuit cash advance can help serious accident victims who might otherwise have trouble paying medical expenses, mortgage/rent payments, car payments, or other living expenses while waiting for their personal injury lawsuit to resolve or a settlement reached. Even after a settlement is reached, victims may not receive the money for months. An appeal could delay the process even longer.

Insurance companies have all the time and all the money. This gives them substantial leverage against you and your attorney. A person pursuing a lawsuit who is desperate for immediate cash is not a positive influence during settlement negotiations. This person will, almost always, settle too early, for too little.
We help plaintiffs obtain a fair settlement rather than accepting a low settlement due to financial constraints.

Here’s how our services work:
1. Call our office toll free at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or complete our on-line application.
2. We’ll fax a request to your attorney for documentation records. Once we receive the necessary paperwork to evaluate your case for funding, we will make a funding decision, typically within 24 hours.
3. If you have been approved, we will email or overnight a funding contract to be signed by you and your attorney.
4. Once the contract is fully executed, we will wire your money or send a check by overnight mail.
5. When your case settles, we are repaid from the proceeds of you case. If you lose, your case, you owe us absolutely nothing!

It’s that simple! There is no credit check, employment verification, upfront fees, or monthly payments.
You don’t have to settle your case prematurely or for anything less than you deserve simply because you are having financial difficulties. Call Litigation Funding Corporation and let us take on this burden for you and get you the money you need now.

When Inadequate Road Conditions Cause Auto Accidents

January 13, 2015

Accidents are sometimes caused by factors unrelated to driver behavior. It may be a vehicle malfunction, faulty mechanical repairs, or poorly maintained roads. In any of these situations a third party may be liable for damages. For example, if an accident was caused by deficient roadway maintenance, the municipality responsible for the road’s maintenance may be liable for the injuries caused in the accident.
Inadequate roadway maintenance may include:

•Malfunctioning traffic light
•Improper road design
•Poor road maintenance
•Poor visibility of sign, such as a stop sign obstructed by an overgrown tree or covered in graffiti
•Inadequate or insufficient notification of impending conditions such as construction zones
•Missing signage
•Poor lighting

Defective roadway accident lawsuits involve government entities are subject to different procedures and multiple parties may be at fault. The issue in these cases is whether the government failed to fulfill its obligations of making sure a dangerous road is somewhat forgiving of driver error. These cases require an extensive investigation of the roadway and its history, which is especially critical when the roadway has been the site of previous accidents.

What happens when you’re in a car accident caused by poor road quality or conditions? If you believe your accident was due to faulty roadway design, a defect in the road or because of poor maintenance, you may wish to pursue a claim against the government entity responsible for designing, building, or maintaining the road where the accident occurred. Bringing a lawsuit may afford compensation to reimburse you for lost wages, medical expenses, and other expenses as a result of the accident. In addition, a personal injury settlement can help to offset the funeral expenses of a loved one and provide non-economic damages for pain and suffering.

Proving a dangerous roadway caused an auto accident can be a long legal process and difficult to prove; government bodies have strong defenses put in place by the government itself. It is imperative that you discuss your options with an experienced attorney. If it is determined that a cause of action exists for a lawsuit and you need financial assistance during the lengthy legal process, litigation funding may be a short-term solution.

Litigation Funding Corporation understands that auto accident lawsuits can take months, even years to settle and many people are on a fixed income and won’t have enough money to keep the case going. Rather than a plaintiff struggling financially during an already difficult time, we can offer a non-recourse cash advance against the pending claim. This is not like a bank loan because we require no credit check, employment verification or monthly payments. Our application take five minutes and funding approvals can be made in less than a day, provided we receive the necessary case documentation to determine case strength and make a funding decision. The only payment our clients make is when their case successfully settles. If the case is lost, the repayment is waived.

Call Litigation Funding Corporation today for a free, no obligation case evaluation or apply online.

Hospital Malpractice Puts Patient through Horrible Ordeal

December 8, 2014

It is unimaginable that with today’s scientific advancements such things as a wrongful amputation can occur, but they do, and far too often. When a patient loses a limb due to medical negligence s/he is entitled to full compensation for damages. But, how does one determine the compensation to make up for losing a limb and the consequent loss of enjoyment of life?

It wasn’t an easy decision, jurors said, but they eventually awarded a man $10 million, in a medical malpractice case against a hospital and the doctor who treated the patient. After of heart surgery, the patient was administered the blood thinner drug, Heparin. The lawsuit alleged that because the medical staff failed to monitor the patient he developed gangrene that required the amputation of his left leg above the knee and his right foot. The hospital argued that the doctor and nurses acted responsibly, provided appropriate care, and saved his life. An appeal is planned.

An amputation for any reason is life-altering; the amputee will need to learn how to do almost everything. When the amputation is the result of medical malpractice, the patient can file a medical malpractice lawsuit. It is important to seek justice not only to receive compensation to cover medical expenses, but also to hold the healthcare professionals accountable for their life-altering mistakes, promote hospital safety procedures, and prevent similar medical errors from happening to others. Any settlement should take into consideration the emotional aspects -learning to cope and negotiate with life’s challenges and the financial aspects of the loss, including the loss of income and present and future medical expenses such as prosthetic’s, treatment, and occupational therapy.

Amputation lawsuits are not necessarily cut and dry cases. Often times, the hospital and doctors will claim it was a “medical necessity.” While the case winds its way through the litigation process, patients can seek lawsuit funding.

Often, bills pile up while the plaintiff waits and waits for justice. Legal funding takes away the financial pressure to settle a valuable case for pennies on the dollar and assures that justice is done. Lawsuit funding is made available to qualified plaintiff’s to allow them to pay their urgent expenses immediately (medical bills, etc.) and to their “usual” bills, (rent, mortgage, car payments or tuition). All it takes to obtain a lawsuit cash advance is a strong case with merit and legal representation. With an easy, online application plaintiffs can received funding in as little as 24 hours. There is no charge to apply, no monthly payments, and no credit checks. Once approved for funding, fast cash is sent by wire or check. Then, pay the bills and wait for justice. The lawsuit cash advance will not need to be repaid until the case is settled, but if the funded client loses the case, the repayment is completely waived.

If you have lost a limb due to medical negligence, don’t lose your home and your credit standing. Call Litigation Funding Corporation for financial stability during your pending claim.

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