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Construction Zone Accident Draws Two Lawsuits; Deceased Family Can Seek Litigation Funding

October 6, 2016

Highway construction workers put their lives at risk on a daily basis for the safety of others. Despite all the equipment and other hazardous conditions in an active work zone, traffic remains the most dangerous. Many drivers tend to ignore warning signs; even when they do pay attention speeding and driver inattention/distractions are the major causes of road construction accidents.

A motorists who struck and killed an Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) employee is facing two separate lawsuits – one from the victim’s estate and another from the state highway department.
The ALDOT worker was removing traffic control barriers in a work zone at the time of the crash. It was a rainy morning, and the right lane was closed. According to the crash report, the driver was following too closely when he struck another vehicle. He then veered off the right side of the interstate, striking a trailer attached to the back of an ALDOT truck. Another ALDOT worker was injured when he was struck by the trailer. Then, the negligent driver struck the deceased and the ALDOT truck. The negligent driver claimed the chain of events was caused because another motorist cut him off.

ALDOT is seeking compensatory damages of $21,868, plus costs and expenses. Defendants are the negligent driver and the owners of the vehicle he was driving. The estate of the deceased filed the case last month against the negligent driver and the deceased man’s own insurance company. The lawsuit is asking for a jury trial.

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