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Big rig mechanical failure results in seven deaths

August 28, 2013

Seven people were killed when an 18-wheeler’s load detached from the cab.

The semi-truck involved in this fatal accident was hauling a load of crushed cars, when the unthinkable happened —- the trailer unit broke free of the cab. The renegade trailer then veered across a rural New York two-lane road, just south of Syracuse, in Cortland County, slamming into a minivan.

The minivan driver was 24-year-old Carino Vanorden. His passengers: included his fiancé, 21-year-old Lena Beckwith; a 26-year-old mother of two; a four-year-old girl; a five-year-old girl; a seven-year-old girl; and four-year-old boy. The driver, father of the seven- and four-year-old children, was the only occupant alive when emergency medical responders arrived at the scene of the accident. He was immediately transported to the nearest medical facility for care.

Accident reconstructionists were called in to determine what caused the crash. Investigators were able to ascertain that the collision was caused by a mechanical failure involved the lock coupling between the tractor and trailer. The part required to securely lock the coupling failed, sending the heavily loaded trailer across the road, where it crashed into Vanorden’s van.

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