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Rear-Ended by 18-Wheeler, Two Women and Baby Die in Texas

December 27, 2015

It is common to see big rigs on Texas highways. It is also common to witness a number of collisions involving commercial trucks and passenger vehicles.

Telesfora Fuentes, Yesenia Resendiz and her 11-month-old baby died in a crash on I-35 when their vehicle was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. Surviving family members filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the rig and the trucking company seeking more than $1 million in compensation.

The statement of claim for the lawsuit alleges the trucker, Debra Thompson, slammed into the rear of the Cruz vehicle, causing it to spin out of control. Cruz’s vehicle had apparently sustained a blown out tire and it was unstable on the road. Any vehicle behind the Cruz’s should have seen there was a problem and taken evasive action.

Allegedly, the truck driver, who was working at the time of the accident, was negligent in failing to take evasive action on witnessing the Cruz vehicle on the highway and in not taking the proper actions to avoid an accident, and she failed to operate her big rig in a prudent and reasonable manner. The lawsuit also names her employer, Werner Enterprises, for failing to properly train its truck drivers.

The crash survivors will face enormous costs for three burials and a funeral. Their loss is enormous in more ways than one, and the family left behind will have to struggle to pay their usual expenses as well. One solution that may work well for them is to apply for litigation funding, also referred to as pre-settlement funding — money sent to an approved plaintiff that allows them to take care of all their extraordinary expenses and their monthly financial obligations while waiting for trial.

While a lawsuit loan is not for everyone, many plaintiffs find it appealing because they are not asked to pay anything up front or during his or her wait for a trial or a settlement to be hammered out. Applicants are not required to go through a credit check, do not need to be working when they apply, and should the lawsuit be lost in court, the plaintiff gets to keep the lawsuit loan, no strings attached.

Litigation funding is a fast cash option for personal injury victims who have been hard hit financially as the result of an accident or death.

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