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Man Awarded Nearly $34 Million After Fall Through Defective Skylig

August 29, 2016

Under product liability law, companies are held responsible when its products cause harm. This means that if someone is injured or killed by defective products, the injured party, or the family of a deceased loved one, can seek compensation for damages.

A man was working at an industrial building on September 18, 2010 when he fell through a skylight to the concrete floor 35 feet below. He suffered a broken leg, arm, and ribs, a punctured a lung, and back injuries. He ultimately required amputation of the lower right leg after months attempting to save the leg, and had a 5-level back fusion to repair his back. The 34-year-old man is married with three young children.

An investigation determined that the cause of the accident was a defectively design skylight that was too weak to support foreseeable human load. After a 10-day trial, a Texas jury awarded the man $33.8 million.

Defective product liability is a complex and lengthy legal battle, as seen in this case that took 6 years to settle. No matter how strong a case may be, the defendants will almost always deny, delay, and defend the claim. Plaintiffs must be prepared for this, but it is hard when the bills need to be paid. For those left with medical expenses and other pressing financial obligations, one way to minimize the financial impact is to seek a lawsuit cash advance.

Sometimes termed a “lawsuit loan”, litigation funding allows plaintiffs to get immediate cash on a non-recourse basis until their attorney finalizes the case and compensation is received. Typically, a case is approved within 48 hours because all that is needed to qualify is a serious injury, a strong case and attorney representation.

Applying for litigation funding is easy. Our decision to provide you with an advance on your future settlement is completely dependent on the facts of your case. There are no application fees, no credit checks, and zero upfront costs. All we require is attorney representation and a case with merit. If your case is approved for funding, we can wire a check directly into your bank account in less than 48-hours. You can pay your bills and wait to pay us back through the proceeds of your settlement. There are no restriction on how the money is spent. Best of all, litigation funding is risk-free. We are repaid only when the case settles, at which time we are paid back through the case proceeds. If your case does not win, you will have no personal liability to pay us back.
Litigation Funding Corporation has helped thousands of victims who suffered from product defect injuries get the cash they need. If you’re in the middle of a pending lawsuit, we may be able to help solve your money problems. When you are seriously injured, in a pending lawsuit, and have nowhere to turn for financial assistance, call Litigation Funding Corporation.

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