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Two Lawsuits Settle, One Pending After Faulty Bridgestone Tires Caused Fatal 2014 Crash

June 14, 2016

For auto accident victims, the road to financial freedom maybe begin with litigation funding.

James Ednie and his longtime partner, Tanya Gooden, and Gooden’s adult special needs son, Cameron, died in November 2014 after an out-of-control Federal Express (FedEx) tractor-trailer with pup trailer struck their Dodge Caravan head on. Ednie and Gooden died at the scene. Gooden’s son was seated in his wheelchair in the backseat area of the minivan at the time of the collision. He was flown to a medical facility in Denver, where he died the next morning. The couple left behind their 11-year-old daughter, Jaide, who was not with them at the time of the crash. The FedEx driver was injured. An investigation revealed that the westbound tractor’s left front tire failed, sending the vehicle careening through the median.

Family members representing Ednie, Gooden and her son filed lawsuits against Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations LLC and FedEx Ground Package Systems Inc. alleging that the tractor’s left front tire failed, sending the vehicle careening through the median before striking the van head-on. According to the lawsuits, Bridgestone’s tire was in a defective and dangerous condition at the time it was sold to FedEx. Additionally, FedEx was negligent because it knew or should have known the tire was faulty and replaced it after the passenger side tire on the same tractor failed two months prior to the collision. Gooden’s lawsuits adds that the decision “was reckless, willful and wanton, demonstrated and indifference to the safety of the motoring public.”

Last month, both plaintiffs settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Still pending is a personal injury lawsuit filed by the truck driver. His complaint names Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations LLC and Commercial Tire Inc. as defendants. The lawsuit says Bridgestone’s tire “was in a defective, dangerous condition at the time of its sale” and was “unreasonably dangerous,” and Commercial Tire Inc. sold the two allegedly faulty Bridgestone tires to FedEx and installed them in August 2014.

The driver was employed by CLR Transportation and contracted to drive a FedEx tractor with two trailers, according to his complaint. The truck driver alleges he “has suffered emotional stress, shock, trauma and injury to his emotional well-being.” He is seeking compensation in excess of $75,000 to cover medical expenses and loss of income, as well as the physical pain and suffering and emotional distress. His case is set for trial in March 2017.

Although the wrongful death cases have settled, they would have been viable cases for litigation funding. If the plaintiffs have not received compensation to date, they could seek post-settlement litigation funding. In the case of the tractor trailer driver, he may be eligible for pre-settlement litigation funding.

One way to minimize their financial impact is to seek a lawsuit cash advance from Litigation Funding Corporation. Litigation funding is a no-risk cash advance available to plaintiffs in a pending lawsuit or when a case has settled, but the settlement has yet to be disbursed. Funding is based solely on the merits of the case; personal valuables and credit history are not at risk. If approved for funding we can direct deposit or wire a check within 48 hours. There are no monthly payments; we are repaid once the case successfully settles. If the case does not win, there is no personal liability to pay us back.

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