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Care Facility Reaches $1 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

March 20, 2017

Negligence lawsuits against nursing homes often take years for the case to wind its way through the courts, as seen in the following case.

A California continuing care retirement community has agreed to a $1 million settlement in a 2013 wrongful death and elder abuse lawsuit.

According to the suit, staff at the facility noticed an ulcer on the woman’s back, but failed to get her medical attention at the time. Her condition was so neglected that the ulcer became infected. The woman was sent to the hospital where she died of sepsis. The lawsuit also alleged the facility cut corners by not properly training staff, and putting profits over safety.

“While there were defenses to the allegations, we ultimately decided to resolve this case to put our focus on what matters most, the health and well-being of our residents,” said a spokesperson for the defense.

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