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Couple Claims Negligence Led To Injuries In Elevator Accident

September 7, 2016

An employee and his wife recently filed a lawsuit against Elevator Industries of Illinois, Inc., Standard Elevator Building Company; and Chicagoland Community Management Inc., alleging that an improperly inspected and maintained belt manlift resulted in injuries to the employee’s legs and feet. The plaintiffs seek judgment against the defendants in an amount greater than $50,000.

Elevator injuries are similar to premises liability lawsuits. The owner of a building is responsible for properly maintaining an elevator and if someone is injured as a result of negligent maintenance, the owner can be legally responsible for injuries.

When a person is the victim of an accident directly related to the failure or malfunction of an elevator, they have the legal right to seek compensation for damages. If it is found at the time of litigation that there was knowledge of a defect, but nothing was done to repair it, then liability will be imposed. To determine whether or not notice existed requires an investigation and discovery of all the facts. This can include maintenance and inspection records and the names of all parties responsible.

Elevator injury lawsuits are rarely straightforward, however. They can take a long time to resolve, leaving victims in a difficult financial situation. When that happens, litigation funding may be a viable option.
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