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Latest Lawsuit Filed In Blood Thinner Wrongful Death

November 10, 2016

Each day we open the paper or turn on the computer and there is another story about an FDA approved drug that causes serious injuries or death.

The most disturbing news, aside from the risks of taking various drugs, is that most Americans put their trust in physicians and the drugs they prescribe to heal them. They expect these medications to be safe and make them feel better. Unfortunately, ‘feeling better’ on a temporary basis is not a fair trade against the devastating side effects of some of these drugs.

As Portola Pharmaceuticals rushes to gain approval of their drug which they say will help stop internal bleeding in patients taking the popular class of blood thinners which includes Xarelto and Eliquis, patients continue to suffer severe side effects and even wrongful death.

A recent claim was filed by a man who contends that about two months after his wife was given Eliquis to treat atrial fibrillation, she developed gastrointestinal bleeding. Due to the lack of an Eliquis antidote, doctors were unable to stop her internal bleeding, and she ultimately died. The lawsuit seeks to hold Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer responsible for the woman’s death. The plaintiff claims that Bristol-Myer Squibb and Pfizer neglected to adequately research all potential Eliquis side effects before the drug was released and that they deceived doctors and consumers about Eliquis bleeding risks.

Waiting for a fair and equitable settlement or a jury trial in hard fought litigation like this will likely take years. In the meantime, the plaintiff will still need to pay his ordinary bills and expenses, as well as funeral expenses and any outstanding medical bills. During this time, many plaintiffs find it advantageous to seek out wrongful death litigation funding to remove the pressure to settle early and inexpensively and allow their attorney the time he/she needs to get the fairest possible result.

Litigation funding is better described as a non-recourse cash advance; it does not need to be repaid if the case is unsuccessful. The application is free, and there is no need for a credit check or employment verification. Funding is based strictly on the merits of the case. If you suffered or lost a loved one from internal bleeding after using a blood thinner such as Eliquis, you could be entitled to compensation for damages. It is important to consult an experienced attorney to understand your rights. Once the case is filed, Litigation Funding Corporation would be happy to review your case to determine if you are eligible for a lawsuit cash advance.

Listeria Laced Salad Allegedly Kills Ohio Woman

August 22, 2016

When you grocery shop, you expect your food to be safe, especially when it is bagged and looks fresh and appealing.

The salad that 79-year-old Ellen DiStefano consumed one night killed her. It was contaminated with Listeria bacteria which invaded her body putting her into a coma. Dole’s Springfield, Ohio plant was identified as the source of the Listeria tainted salads. The plant was shuttered for three months to deal with the issue.
DiStefano’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Dole alleging gross negligence, malice, recklessness and wanton/willful disregard for the public. It was the second suit filed in relation to the outbreak and it alleges that Dole did not have a system in place to prevent contamination. It further alleges that the company knew about the Listeria contamination prior to the outbreak, as far back as 2014.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Dole’s product showed signs of Listeria during swab rests in 2014, yet they continued to ship their salads throughout the United States and Canada. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that at least 19 individuals were seriously affected by the tainted salads and one man in Michigan died. In Canada, there were 14 reported cases in five provinces and three deaths that may be linked to the Dole salads. It is anticipated that there will be more lawsuits filed in the months to come.

In order to pay all the medical bills incurred while Mrs. DiStephano was in hospital for a month, the family may have needed a source of income other than their jobs. One solution would be litigation funding, also referred to as a lawsuit loan.

A litigation funding company provides an immediate cash advance to fund a lawsuit using a very simple three-step, no risk process. Plaintiffs fill out an intake form, as well as the lawyer questionnaire form, and send in the relevant paperwork. Once approved, plaintiffs can receive their fast cash in as little as two days.

There is no longer any need for plaintiffs to settle for pennies on the dollar. Litigation funding allows the plaintiffs to let their lawyers do their jobs and the cases to run their course to a fair and equitable conclusion. Do not agree to an unfair settlement because you are strapped for cash. A lawsuit loan can level the playing field between you and the insurance company.

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