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Auto Accident Litigation Funding: An Alternative to Settling for Less Than Case Value

November 18, 2014

A year ago today, a motorcyclist was killed in a rollover accident when an drunk driver lost control of his Ford Ranger pick-up truck, struck the center lane, and rolled into oncoming traffic striking a motorcycle. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. His widow and daughter filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver, the golf club that served him alcohol before the accident, and the organization hosting the golf outing. After the family has retained an experienced attorney to fight for compensation and justice, they sought litigation funding to help with the financial obligations resulting from lack of his income.

A lawsuit can take years to settle, during which time a plaintiff may have financial needs that must be taken care of immediately, for things such as medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, or ongoing living expenses. Financial pressures can force innocent victims to settle a case too soon, for too little. Before that happens, plaintiffs should consult with an experienced lawsuit funding expert. A legal funding company understands the financial situation facing plaintiffs and knows the lengths that insurance companies will go through to reach a less-than-favorable settlement offer.

By obtaining a lawsuit cash advance, the plaintiff has immediate access to money and is not required to pay the firm until a settlement is reached in her lawsuit. Funding is offered as non-recourse funding, which means that plaintiffs only pay the money back if they win their lawsuit or obtain a settlement. Lawsuits eligible for such funding typically involve personal injury or wrongful death.

If you are in a pending lawsuit and struggling financially, put the justice system to work for you. Use litigation funding to ease your financial burden and give your attorney the time needed to obtain full value in your case. An application can be done online or by phone. If approved, the emergency cash can be available within 24 – 48 hours.

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