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Head-On Crash with Tractor-Trailer Kills Woman and Four Children

February 21, 2017

A 29-year-old woman and her four children were killed in a head-on crash after a tractor trailer crossed into the oncoming lane to pass another truck, according to the Kansas Highway Patrol. The children ranged in age from 21 months to 12 years of age.

As part of the investigation, police will be looking into the truckers driving long, how many hours he had been on the job, and if he was distracted in any way. Officials say that particular stretch of highway has a high volume of traffic and is known for crashes.

Even before the details are sorted out, the family of the victims should consult an experienced auto accident attorney to understand their rights to recover compensation for the loss of their loved ones.

Once the litigation process begins, the road to justice can drag on for years. In the meantime, the family may be left in a bind financially due to additional expenses incurred such as medical bills and funeral expenses. Litigation funding provides quick and easy financial relief.

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Two Teens Dead and Expectant Mother in Critical Condition Following Head-On Crash

February 20, 2017

Two high school seniors are dead and two other individuals are in serious condition after a head-on collision.
According to reports, the teen driver of a Chevy Impala was speeding, crossed the center line, and struck a Honda Pilot head-on. Police estimate the Impala was traveling at 70 mph at the time of the crash.

The driver of the Honda was 34-weeks pregnant. When she gave birth at the hospital via emergency C-section, the baby girl did not have a heartbeat. The infant was revived after 11 minutes of CPR; she is doing fine. The woman lost a spleen and kidney and has a critical brain injury, according to a family member. Two teen passengers in the sedan were killed; the driver is in serious, non-life threatening condition.

After help from witnesses that a third vehicle was involved, and may have been racing with the Impala, police located that vehicle. Whether the car was racing the Chevy, however, is unknown at this time.

While the crash remains under investigation, the victims may wish to consult an auto accident attorney to understand their rights under a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Recoverable compensation may include medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, lost wages, other expenses related to the damages, as well as pain and suffering.

If the woman or the families of the deceased teens file a lawsuit, and need financial support until a settlement is reached, they may want to consider a lawsuit cash advance, known as auto accident litigation funding.

A lawsuit cash advance is based on the merits of the case and the time it will take to achieve an outcome. Funding can often be available in less than 48 hours after receipt of a completed application and case documentation. There are no monthly fees, no credit checks, and no employment verification. Repayment is not required until the case concludes successfully; if the plaintiff loses, the repayment is waived in its entirety.

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