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Politics Involving Tainted Well Water Leave Village Residents at High Risk for Cancers

June 24, 2013

When politics entered the picture in this tainted water situation, it left hundreds at risk for various cancers.
Even large cities, such as Chicago, have issues with their water. However, recently it was more than just a high bacterial or fecal count that captured the attention of the suburban village community of Crestwood, just outside of Chicago.

Crestwood residents were shocked to learn that a one-time suburban Chicago water department employee was convicted of lying about mixing cancer-causing well water in with the village’s water supply. The drinking water had been tainted for many years, putting residents at high risk to contract various forms of cancer.

The sense of betrayal amongst the 11,000 residents was palpable while describing how they felt on discovering that their local water department supervisor and police chief was convicted of 11 counts of making false statements to federal environmental officials. Each count carries a maximum 5-year jail sentence. Sentencing is in October.

Evidence in the case indicated that from 1982 to 2008, the tainted water was agitated with expensive, cleaner water from Lake Michigan. In the mid-1980s, state environmental officials warned the Crestwood water administration that cancer-causing chemicals were leaching into their well.

As it turned out, the motive seems to have been garnering points with local voters by offering low water rates, proving their knew how to manage money. They saved Crestwood $400,000 each year by using tainted well water.

The debacle and subsequent criminal charges laid in the matter left residents frightened for their health. The woman who started the investigation said she suspected her daughter’s brain tumor was the result of the town water.
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