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Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Chesapeake Bay Trailer Accident Seek $19 Million

August 4, 2014

Have you lost a family member due to the negligence of others and need cash now? Death of a family member, especially a bread winner, caused by the fault of another person or company can have devastating legal and financial consequences for the unfortunate victim’s family. These types of lawsuits can take years to resolve. Litigation funding can provide valuable financial assistance to the families of the victims.

Family members of three men who died in a 2007 auto accident on the Chesapeake Bay have filed wrongful death lawsuit. The accident occurred when a homemade trailer detached from a SUV. The lawsuit alleges that the trailer was poorly built and improperly secured, there was no safety hitch pin in place, and the chains used to Investigators also determined that the chains used to pull the trailer were too long allowing the front of the trailer to hit the ground and the bolt that secured the chain to the trailer was improperly secured. It also alleges that the driver of the SUV was driving too fast. Additionally, the suit names the Maryland Transportation Authority as a defendant alleging that it knew the risks in allowing two-way traffic on one span of the bridge and should have installed barriers between the lanes of opposing traffic. The suit also names the owner of the trailer and the drivers of two tractor-trailers involved in the accident as defendants. The lawsuit seeks $19 million.

These families may be suffering financially due to funeral expenses and quite possibly other bills that are piling up due to lost wages. Litigation Funding Corporation may be able to help with immediate cash needs. We are a litigation funding company providing financial assistance in advance of an expected settlement or verdict in a pending case. Securing a lawsuit cash advance can help pay funeral expenses, medical bills, mortgage, credit car debt, and other out of pocket expenses. Litigation funding can also help avoid the pressures of settling too soon, for too little.

There are no application fees or monthly payments. Because we approve funding based solely on the merits of the case, there are no credit checks, employment verification, or collateral required. We are repaid once our clients successfully settler their case; if the case is lost, the repayment is waived.

Call or visit us online for a free consultation or to apply for no-risk litigation funding. We stand ready, willing and able to evaluate your legal financial request to see if you qualify for a cash advance and how much your case can afford.

Lawsuit Funding: A Risk-Free Mechanism for Plaintiffs to Pay the Bills

July 7, 2014

Hospitals and doctors can do remarkable things for their patients; they save lives and cure illnesses every day, in hospitals and clinics all over the country. However, they can also make mistakes, serious ones, and making them accountable for those mistakes will make them more careful, almost always, and help prevent them from reoccurring. When patients are scarred, maimed, and, even killed by preventable medical neglect, they or their loved ones can seek damages. Whatever the situation may be, Litigation Funding Corporation is committed to assisting victims of medical malpractice claims by providing a lawsuit cash advance prior to case settlement.

A man (I’ll call him “Jeff” for this post) arrived at the ER with severe neck pain and numbness in his arms and legs. A doctor diagnosed his condition as neck strain and released him from the hospital. A few hours later, Jeff became completely paralyzed from the chest down. He returned to the hospital where he was left untreated for almost two more hours. It was later determined that Jeff suffered from a herniated disk that was compressing his spinal cord and causing progressive neurological injury. Now, he will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair; he is unable to walk, run, run a bike, or work. Jeff filed a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging negligence. After a 3 year legal battle, the jury awarded him $3.5 million.

This case shows what happens when doctors are negligent when it comes to patient care. It also shows how long medical malpractices case can take to settle. The emotional, mental and physical stress was enough to deal with; the last thing he needed to worry about was how to pay the bills. That’s where Litigation Funding Corporation was able to help. We provide lawsuit funding to help plaintiffs withstand the litigation process and still be able to pay the bills. It did not matter that Jeff could not work; we only care about the strength of the case. After completing an online application, one of our professional staff members obtained case documentation from Jeff’s attorney and within 24 hours, we were able to approve him from a $5,000 cash advance. He owed us absolutely nothing until his case settled at which time we were repaid from the proceeds of the case. Had Jeff lost his case, he would have owed us absolutely nothing; the cash advance was provided totally risk-free.

If you are the victim of medical malpractice, have filed a lawsuit, and need assistance paying your bills, contact Litigation Funding Corporation. We may have the mechanism you need to pay your bills, keep your credit standing, and fight for your rights.

A Cut for Nothing

May 8, 2014

Because patients are usually not in a position to judge the medical necessity of most surgical procedures, they often rely on the advice of a surgeon, often neglecting to obtain a second opinion. These aggressive measures haven’t always made patients healthier; in fact, undergoing unnecessary surgery often times has put patients at risk of infection, additional medical treatment, and other forms of medical malpractice.

The extent of unnecessary surgery has been the object of considerable speculation and sometimes accusation in recent years. According to USA Today report, the scope of the problem is huge, yet remains largely hidden. To date, public attention has been limited to only a few cases.

*A semi-pro baseball player was aiming for the big leagues when a fainting spell sent him to a cardiologist for tests. The man was told without a pacemaker, he may not live to 30. Trusting his doctor, he made the quick decision to have surgery. Months later, when the ex-ball player heard the cardiologist was being investigated for performing unnecessary surgeries, he had another doctor review his case; then two more. All three agreed that the pacemaker was not necessary.

*Lawsuits against King’s Daughter’s Medical Center in Ashland, KY allege that unnecessary procedures were performed on over 500 patients. The suits allege that doctors performed medically unnecessary cardiac procedures, including coronary angioplasty, stenting and coronary artery bypass grafts and pacemaker and defibrillator implantation. These surgeries left patients in physical and emotional pain; some died. The hospital and the other defendants have denied wrongdoing.

*Two patients who suffered heart problems for years were referred to cardiologist, Dr. Arvind Gandhi. Both said Dr. Gandhi strongly encouraged them to get an implant cardiac defibrillator, a device similar to a pacemaker. Over their post implantation care, both patients said they learned the procedure was not necessary and Gandhi was not qualified to do the surgery.

Did you receive an unnecessary heart surgery? If you or a loved one has suffered from an unnecessary surgery, you may be entitled to financial compensation for damages incurred. Contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney to review your case.

Proving that unnecessary surgeries are medical malpractice can be extremely complicated and drawn out. Often times, longer the wait for a settlement, the more financial burden are placed on the innocent victim. In order to wait for justice deserved, but still pay the bills and avoid debt, many plaintiffs will seek financial assistance from a legal funding company.

Applying for litigation funding is quick and easy; all you need is a strong case. With no credit checks, no income or employment requirements, no monthly payments and no up-front fees, approvals can often be made in as little as 24 – 48 hours. Additionally, funding is provided on a no-risk basis meaning you only repay the advance if you win your case. If you lose your case or your case doesn’t settle, YOU OWE US NOTHING!

Why wait? If you are struggling financially while waiting for your medical malpractice settlement, contact Litigation Funding Corp. We are one of the leading and most highly respected legal funding providers in the U.S.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits Filed Alleging Landlord Negligence

May 6, 2014

Wrongful death lawsuits are being filed more than a year after an apartment building fire claimed the lives of four people. Although the deaths were ruled accidental, loved ones of the victims claim wrongful death and negligence. The lawsuits allege that the landlords did not have the required number of properly working smoke detectors, did not put in wired fire detectors, and there were no working fire alarms in the apartments.

Premises liability is an issue here for the owner of the building. Were the smoke detectors working? Was the building up to fire code? Did the building have a sprinkler system? It may take some time to answer these questions and more.

Tragedies like this will often cause surviving family members to struggle, financially, to pay the bills associated with the death of a loved one. Wrongful death lawsuits can take months, even year, to resolve. So, what can they do if faced with mounting bills?

With a solid lawsuit as collateral, they can apply for lawsuit funding, a legal finance cash advance to take away the financial pressure to settle a case too early for too little. The goal of legal funding is to allow a plaintiff is able to wait for a fair and equitable settlement or jury verdict.

Applying for lawsuit funding is easy and free, online or by phone. Once approved, the cash advance can be available within 24-48 hours. There are no monthly payments and no upfront fees; a best of all, the cash advance is completely excused if the case is lost.

If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one due to unsafe premises or a defective product or equipment, you have the right to seek compensation for all damages and injuries that may have occurred. If you are currently going through the litigation process, you also have the right to seek lawsuit funding. So, reject those inadequate offers, follow your attorney’s advice and obtain lawsuit funding when you absolutely need it.

Jury Rules Misdiagnosis Led To Death of 23-Year-Old

April 8, 2014

A Massachusetts family was recently awarded $4.8 million after a jury found a doctor’s negligence was a contributing factor in the death of their loved one. In August 2006, Jeffrey Kace went to St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center complaining of a cough, fever, and chest pains. During a five minute exam, the 23-year-old was diagnosed with bronchitis, prescribed antibiotics and painkillers, and sent home. The next morning Jeffrey was found dead in his bed. A medical examiner determined the cause of death was myocarditis, a virus that infects and inflames the heart muscle. According to the plaintiff’s attorney, an electrocardiogram, usually administered when patients complain of chest pain as this man did, would have revealed the infection.

Moving forward after a devastating loss is emotionally and financially draining for surviving family members. Medical malpractice cases, like this one, are long, drawn out, draining battles. Trying to make ends meet with ordinary cost of living expenses, medical expenses, funeral expenses, and the loss of income adds to the stress. When this happens, lawsuit funding may be a viable solution.

Some victims and/or their families are too often left with mounting bills and few options. Litigation funding is a service that provides plaintiffs with financial assistance to help get through the long litigation process. Without this option, desperate plaintiffs are often forced to settlements too soon, for too little. With litigation funding, a plaintiff can remain in a case longer in order to pursue a larger settlement.

While no amount of money can replace the loss of a loved one due to a misdiagnosis, non-diagnosis, or other type of medical malpractice, if you are living with consequences of a misdiagnosis, or if a loved one died because of a doctor’s negligence, it may be important to contact a medical malpractice attorney to determine your rights. After filing a lawsuit, if you need financial assistance while waiting for justice to be served, contact a legal funding expert.

A pre-settlement funding company provides an advance based on its review of the case; a lawsuit cash advance is often approved with funding wired into your account within 24-48 hours. There are no up-front charges, no monthly payments, no credit checks, and no hassle. Best of all, repayment is contingent on the outcome of the lawsuit. If you lose the case, you owe us nothing. To learn more or to apply, contact the legal funding experts at LitigationFundingCorp. to discuss your case funding situation.

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