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Speed May Have Been A Factor In Long Island Expressway Crash That Killed Five

August 22, 2016

Police are investigating whether speed was a factor in a multi-vehicle crash on a major Long Island roadway that killed five people.

A 26-year-old man was driving a Subaru Outback eastbound on the expressway when he apparently lost control of the vehicle and crossed the grassy median. The Outback went airborne and struck two westbound vehicles, a BMW and a Honda. the driver of the Honda was also pronounced dead at the scene. An 81-year-old passenger in the BMW died at the hospital; his wife remains in critical condition.

The driver of the Outback and a passenger, his sister, were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver’s 10-year-old son was airlifted to a nearby hospital in critical condition, but he could not be saved. His three-year-old niece was injured, but survived the crash. The family members were on their way to the Splish Splash water park for the child’s 10th birthday party.

Multiple car crashes happened every day, leading to serious injuries and deaths. One of the most common causes is the result of speeding. Seriously injured victims or family members of lost loved ones may have the right to compensation. It is important to consult an experienced auto accident attorney.

Worrying about finances is probably one of the last things on a plaintiff’s mind. However, just because you lost a loved one does not mean that the bills stop coming. Unfortunately, the mortgage will still be due, the car payments need to be made and food must be put on the table. For those struggling to make ends meet, Litigation Funding Corporation is ready to help with pre- settlement litigation funding.

After such a traumatic event, it can be a great relief to attain financial assistance to cover ongoing bills and expenses. Litigation funding is a non-recourse cash advance that can cover the loss of wages, mounting medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, and other out of pocket expenses as a result of the accident.

Pre-settlement litigation funding is unlike a traditional bank loan in which you must pay back the lender, in monthly payments, regardless of whether or not you win your case. The process begins with a one-page funding application and basic case documentation. You can also call Litigation Funding for a free, no obligation consultation. Approval is based on case strength, not collateral, credit checks or employment verification. For those approved for lawsuit funding, cash can be available within 24 – 48 hours. There is no need to worry about monthly payments because we are only paid once the case settles. If the case is lost, the repayment is completely waived. If you have lost a loved one in an auto accident and are undergoing serious financial challenges while waiting for your settlement, contact Litigation Funding Corporation today.

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